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Sundin to wait a Year??

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I know this story has been told and told and told over again. Here I am adding another story to it. I haven't written a blog in quite some time, but it because I have been away working on making contacts so when I write a blog I have some substance behind what I am writing. Back to the story I started out writing. For the past 2 months I have been in almost daily contact with a source close to the Sundin situation and contrary to what most people are saying (Sundin to Rangers) thing aren't exactly what they seem. According to my source, the feeling is that Sundin still wants to be back as a Leaf but and this is a big but, it might not be until the 09/2010 season. I am paraphrasing here but my source basically said " Mats is really interested in seeing what happens with the new look Leafs this year, and would love to be back with them this year, but feels waiting maybe waiting a year would benefit what the Leafs are trying to do." To me it seems like Mats is on board with what Cliff is doing right now and is just as excited about seeing what is going to happen this season just as much as most Leaf fans are(including myself). Now my take on this is.... I still believe he will be back as a Leaf, I just can't say when. That’s all. Thanks

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