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Fristly this is kind of a re-post on my part. I wrote this blog back in July of Last year and wanted to re-post it. I re-posted because well it looks like "Tank Nation" is getting their wish this year with the boys in blue and white. I have been able to watch John Tavares play alot more since Chrismas at the Jr Tourny and then the trade to the Knights. Amazing player, but im still not conviced on his team play. He still strikes me as a selfish player only out to boost his own ego. So i am going to re ask the questions i asked back in July....see what everyone thinks....and have you changed your opinion on John Tavares?

In my opinion i dont think the leafs will get the #1 pick, that has been given to the NYI (no team can be as bad as they are) but i think they will pick 6-5 Swedish D-man Victor Hedman. They need to build from the back end out. This is why i think the leafs might actually have a chance at picking Tavares.

So could he handle the pressure in the "Hockey Capital of Canada" if the Leafs got him with their first pick?

If drafted would the expectations of Leaf fans be set to high for him? Would anything less then "Rookie of the Year" be deemed a failure for his first season in Toronto? Would he be the next Captain? specially with all the hype that has surrounded him the past 2 years.

Like I said I have watched him, and wow his skill level is just surpasses anything I have seen from someone at that age....but is he as mature as Stamkos, Crosby, A.O. and some other First/Second overall draft picks in the past few years? Again look at where those guys went...not quite hockey crazy markets, a little less pressure.

I wrote this to see what everyone else thinks; I want this to be open to lots of comments. Thanks for reading.
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interesting it is
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