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Fristly this is kind of a re-post on my part. I wrote this blog back in July of Last year and wanted to re-post it. I re-posted because well it looks like "Tank Nation" is getting their wish this year with the boys in blue and white. I have been able to watch John Tavares play alot more since Chrismas at the Jr Tourny and then the trade to the Knights. Amazing player, but im still not conviced on his team play. He still strikes me as a selfish player only out to boost his own ego. So i am going to re ask the questions i asked back in July....see what everyone thinks....and have you changed your opinion on John Tavares?

In my opinion i dont think the leafs will get the #1 pick, that has been given to the NYI (no team can be as bad as they are) but i think they will pick 6-5 Swedish D-man Victor Hedman. They need to build from the back end out. This is why i think the leafs might actually have a chance at picking Tavares.

So could he handle the pressure in the "Hockey Capital of Canada" if the Leafs got him with their first pick?

If drafted would the expectations of Leaf fans be set to high for him? Would anything less then "Rookie of the Year" be deemed a failure for his first season in Toronto? Would he be the next Captain? specially with all the hype that has surrounded him the past 2 years.

Like I said I have watched him, and wow his skill level is just surpasses anything I have seen from someone at that age....but is he as mature as Stamkos, Crosby, A.O. and some other First/Second overall draft picks in the past few years? Again look at where those guys went...not quite hockey crazy markets, a little less pressure.

I wrote this to see what everyone else thinks; I want this to be open to lots of comments. Thanks for reading.
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January 28, 2009 1:58 PM ET | Delete
i think he will be like bobby ryan , an elite talent imedietly but still not at the level of AO or Crosby
January 28, 2009 1:59 PM ET | Delete
i do however hope he is as good as Crosby because i hate Sid
January 28, 2009 2:10 PM ET | Delete
bobby ryan wasn't an elite talent immediately. this is his first full season and he was drafted in 2005.tavares is very very good. he probably wont be as good as sid or ovechkin or malkin but the kid is a stud. if the leafs finish 2nd to last (since the isles clearly have last place locked up) theres still a good chance the leafs could move up one slot in the lottery. also who knows maybe the isles will take hedman #1 or be willing to move down a slot in the draft order. i wouldnt hesitate to move the #2 pick plus something like tlusty or pretty much anyone in the organization other than schenn in order to bring in tavares. he WILL be worth it.everything i've seen from tavares whether it be in interviews or in games live or on tv he looks pretty mature. i'm not sure what level of maturity your expecting him to have but hes 18 keep in mind and for that age hes definitely mature and ready to play. also guaranteed he has a better first year than stamkos is having.
January 28, 2009 4:38 PM ET | Delete
i think the best thing that could happen to the leafs is that they finish 2nd last compared to last and get the 2nd overall pick. first of all, the 1st overall pick has much more pressure to be a star obviously. and if you pick wrong then you will always be the jerk who messed up the first pick and toronto has enough criticism as it is. Personall i think that islanders will pick tavares 1st overal because they need a draw and hedman won't do it. but think about it...if they pick tavares then t.o. will have their d anchored by schenn and hedman for years to come. that will be an imposing top 2 d which will be hard to match. if isles pick hedman, well then we get the 1st line center and scorer then we covet without having to give up other assets. the point is to compile a huge amount of talented players, pick the ones you want and then trade the ones you dont want for the holes you need to fill. Its prospects that will fill the other superstar roles we needs not a butt load of 3rd liners which we have.
January 28, 2009 7:13 PM ET | Delete
I honestly cannot imagine Victor Hedman having the same marketing factor that Tavares would in New York or Atlanta... as the Leafs I would value Tavares above as he has somewhat disproved detractors that saw him as less than a franchise player and the Leafs are severely lacking in the elite offensive prospect category... the Islanders have very strong prospect depth but also are lacking the sizzle when it comes to marketable names to sell the fans... as the Islanders the best hockey move might be Hedman but the business move is Tavares over and over again...
January 28, 2009 8:46 PM ET | Delete
Tavares is unquestionably going number 1, the Islanders won't pass on him to grab Hedman. A struggling franchise like the Isle need a face to be the franchise, and John Tavares is flashy, gifted player who is built to be the face of a franchise.Hedman is great, there is no denying that. But he isn't a highlight reel player, he is a big shutdown Zdeno Chara like player. He just isn't as big of a marketing piece as Tavares.As for the Leafs, I honestly think its a stretch to think the Leafs can fall far enough to grab 2nd overall, I think the Leafs at best are looking at 6th or 7th overall in the draft which gives then a guy like Jordan Schoeder
January 29, 2009 10:41 AM ET | Delete
they are only 3 pts out of 29th and have won only 4 of their past 16. and dont forget they will try and trade their "top" players (antropov, poni, kabby, kubina). they cant win with them, my god they r gonna suffer worse without them. i think they r ina great spot to drop to the 2nd overall pick
January 29, 2009 11:17 AM ET | Delete
Good point Aiken... but they're not going to get 1st overall. The isles have no goalie, and all the players who could play are out for the season. They are going to trade their vets and tank too, so they're favoured for 1st pick. I really hope TO gets second overall (and a few late 1st rounders for the players they give up) and they draft Hedman. With Hedman and Schenn, our defensive core will be strong for YEARS to come. We can always get the flashy forwards later in this draft and through Free Agency.
January 30, 2009 1:53 PM ET | Delete
we need tavares. i'm still sad we lost the stamkos cup but schenn is wicked.
January 31, 2009 6:07 AM ET | Delete
Tavares will be an NHL stud, but watching Hedman play with a puck movin D like Karlson at the juniors I may be inclined to say he will be more valuable than Tavares down the road....he is the next incarnation of Lidstrom, and dont let his sub-par, injured performance in the gold medal game slander his chances.......if Murray can land Hedman, I can see the Sens competing at the top of the East AND NHL in a matter of years.
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