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Nashville, Good Enough?

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First things first. The Nashville Predators have proven they have a good GM a good Coach and a good Hockey Team. They do a good job at the draft table, have a good AHL affiliate and have a good building to play in. So good. But is good,good enough for a team struggling to meet even minimum attendance goals and still has not managed to compete in the local media and local business community with the NFL Tennessee Titans for exposure and money?

That answer would be a resounding NO!

Craig Leopold did what he had always planned to do, keep the team long enough (10 years) sell it for a nice profit and then get involved in the professional sports scene in Minnesota. With a smile on his face and his arms wrapped around the Predators fans shoulders, he gutted this team and was heard to exclaim as he rode out of town, Thanks Nashville good luck....giggle,giggle,giggle.

Now the big question that is debated,argued and sometimes gets right down to fight'in words "Can the Predators survive and thrive in Music City?

My answer would be a resounding maybe!

Maybe if the new ownership takes a chance, puts all its money on the table and rolls the dice and goes out and brings an NHL superstar to Nashville then just maybe will the Predators make enough noise to wake up and shake up this city into buying into hockey in Nashville.

The Predators have a three year window to make noticeable progress in attendance and getting the business community to buy into supporting hockey in Nashville. This team is nowhere close to being a serious playoff threat. Unless Mr.Poile and ownership figure out just being good is not good enough in Nashville and this city wants and needs a hockey star to call its own I'm afraid the only good in the Predators future is "Good Bye"
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