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5 Questions Preds Fans Need To Ask

Posted December 31, 2008
1. How much money does the Freeman Group really have for the Preds? 2. After 11 years have the Preds fan base shown any significant growth? 3. Do the Preds have the talent in the system to get past the 1st round of the playoffs in the next 3 years (this year included)? 4. If no was your answer to question 3 do you think the Preds will still be here after 3 years? 5. Is it time for a... Read More »

Shea Weber dis NHL Live Again!

Posted October 8, 2008
Nashville Predators Shea Weber canceled his interview with NHL.com's "NHL Live" for the second time at the last minute today. It was apparent as the show went on that co host Don La Greca was quite miffed at Weber for leading the show into believing he was going to be a call-in guest. Then after they promoted his spot for 2/3 of the show he canceled for the second time. PR within the Predator's... Read More »

Nashville, Good Enough?

Posted September 19, 2008
First things first. The Nashville Predators have proven they have a good GM a good Coach and a good Hockey Team. They do a good job at the draft table, have a good AHL affiliate and have a good building to play in. So good. But is good,good enough for a team struggling to meet even minimum attendance goals and still has not managed to compete in the local media and local business community with th... Read More »

Can the NHL work in the U.S.?

Posted September 10, 2008
Sooner or later the powers to be have to wake up and publicly admit the NHL has a big problem in the U.S. gaining a fan base to compete with the NFL,MLB and even the NBA and NASCAR. You can't fix a problem you wont admit you have. When poker shows on ESPN where out performing live primetime NHL broadcast someone should have took notice and said "Toronto we have a problem"! The N.H.L. has g... Read More »