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1. How much money does the Freeman Group really have for the Preds?

2. After 11 years have the Preds fan base shown any significant growth?

3. Do the Preds have the talent in the system to get past the 1st round of the playoffs
in the next 3 years (this year included)?

4. If no was your answer to question 3 do you think the Preds will still be here after
3 years?

5. Is it time for a coaching change in Nashville?

My take on the answers to these questions.

1. I think the Freeman Group was in trouble cash flow wise when the Del Biaggio
investment went south. Add to that the recent stock market crash, I think there is
no cash for improving the Preds anywhere in the near future.

2. There is a loyal hockey fan base in Nashville, but the sport has just not caught on with the masses. Numbers don't lie, attendance is down despite grass root efforts
to get the word out how great a sport hockey is to watch.

3. No. The future does not look good with the talent on hand for the Preds. There
seems to be no offensive threat anywhere to be found. With so so goalkeeping
and a talented but turnover minded defensive group this team just cant score enough goals per game to ever compete with the top teams night in night out.

4. I feel if the Preds attendance disqualify s them from the league's profit sharing
money they will be gone in the next 3 years.

5. Barry Trotz has been an asset to this organization for many years. He has made the best with what he had been given more than once. But that being said it is time for a change for the Preds and Trotz. Sometime you have to shake things up, get players
attention and just start a new. It's now or never for the Preds.

Have you got the answers? Lets here em.
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