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Couldn't believe it a Thrasher Jersey for Christmas... what a wonderful gift! You see in Canada you can't find that much Thrashers stuff at local stores, NHL.com or Ebay.com are really the one way to get something like this. One of my Christmas wishes fullfilled, then I got to thinking there are so many wishes that I would love for my Thrashers in 2008, why not make a list? So without further adu.... for all you Thrashers fans (I know there are so few of us)...please feel free and comment and add your own.

1. A BIG fat mulligan on the Braydon Coburn trade. I named my 2nd born son after him for christ sakes... although my wife wanted to spell it Braeden after Victor on the Y&R it's still after Coburn for me and when he was traded to my most hated team I nearly plottsed... I want him back... Every time I think about the trade I nearly Zhitnik myself.

2. An offensive Center for 3 or 4 of our clones? How many players do we have that other than the number on there back look and play almost identical.
Pascal Dupuis, Brad Larsen, Todd White, Brian Little, Eric Perrin, Jim Slater, Bret Stirling, all about the same height, weight, and ability, whoever is in charge of scouting players with limited offensive upside but can skate should get a promotion to head scout.

3. Please NHL could you create a new award for worst plus minus? I mean come on McCarthy and Zhitnik (yes I mention him twice in 3 wishes.. god this guy chaps my a$$... thanks Philly) could at least be mention in an award regularily won by defenseman, cause James Norris will never come a callin.

4. I wish for some sort of salve for Kari's groin. If I could get that I would rub it on myself, all friggen night, this guy is one of the best goalies in the league.... when he's not hurt.... which isn't very often, last week he went 4-0, 2nd start in the whole NHL and only because Gaborik happened to bend the Rangers over a table for 5 goals. I want a salve, an ointment, possibly just a new groin... whatever I really don't care just keep Kari in nets.

5. My fifth and final wish, Don Waddell, just stay coaching Get someone else for a GM, I know you try your best... but as a coach you excell as a manager you need help, i'm not going to run down all the trades and draft picks that shouldn't have happened..... Zhitnik, Zhitnik, Zhitnik.......yah that's 4 times!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to BlueLand and all of Hockeybuzz!!!
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