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Atlanta just finished playing there 2nd stinker of a game in a row, other than Kari Lehtonen and the immortal Ilya Kovalchuk the whole team is just bad right now, I don't know if Hossa is hurt or Ek has hurt his feeling as he hasn't had a trade rumour about Hoss in a while. Either way Hossa is not playing like the Hossa I know and used to love. As I live in Canada I don't get to watch hardly any Thrashers games, and I am relegated to listening to them on the internet while I surf ESPN.com in hopes of finding out a little more about the World Jr. Hockey Championship.... Never heard of it??? THen you must be from America and never go to TSN.ca, it's a great tournament and I can't wait till it's in Ottawa next year.... but I digress on the rambling.

The main aspect of this is to try and find out what everyone else thinks of this fan balloting for the All-Star starters? Raise your hand if you voted for Kovalchuk to be a starter? No? Why not? Since it's an all-star game you can't say we'll his team isn't that good, or he plays with good players cause that's crap also.
I have been on different websites in the US and Canada and both think that its because people who don't know hockey are voting.. I disagree, I think it is from the homers voting for there own forward... who here from Philly voted for Simon Gagne??? He's got votes.. but hurt all year, these people should have the photo's posted everywhere so they can be laughed and pointed at... I mean 31 goals in 38 games and the 6th ranked forward??? Brutal

I think All Star voting should be taken out of the fans hands, put it in the hands of people who aren't going to vote for players like Gagne or Antropov or Briere over one of the best players on this planet.... Vote Kovy!
December 28, 2007 11:56 AM ET | Delete
I couldn't agree more about fan voting, but what needs to be done is there needs to be a balance. The all-star game is for the fans, and the game will sell better if there are players the fans want to see. However, I like what the NHL and MLB have at the moment where the fans vote on the starting lineup and the writers fill in the rest of the lineup. The problem is when you use the NFL's system. Joe Thistel said last night: "a lot of the players in Pro Bowl made it more on reputation rather than merit". Being a Cleveland Browns fan, knowing that Ben Roethlisberger did not have as great of a season as Derek Anderson makes me upset. So I feel your pain, but remember the game is for the fans.
December 1, 2008 5:13 PM ET | Delete
i agree to a point. i don't believe that kovalev or tanguay deserve to start this years all-star game. but since the habs fans like myself have stuffed the ballot box they will. should crosby and ovech and kovalchuk not be the starting lineup? id like to see that i guess they can fill in as the second line though lolbut like hockeyisgd said, the fans vote for who they want. if atlanta fans are that impassioned about seeing kovalchuk start then they should vote multiple times like the habs fans are
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