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Atlanta just finished playing there 2nd stinker of a game in a row, other than Kari Lehtonen and the immortal Ilya Kovalchuk the whole team is just bad right now, I don't know if Hossa is hurt or Ek has hurt his feeling as he hasn't had a trade rumour about Hoss in a while. Either way Hossa is not playing like the Hossa I know and used to love. As I live in Canada I don't get to watch hardly any... Read More »
Couldn't believe it a Thrasher Jersey for Christmas... what a wonderful gift! You see in Canada you can't find that much Thrashers stuff at local stores, NHL.com or Ebay.com are really the one way to get something like this. One of my Christmas wishes fullfilled, then I got to thinking there are so many wishes that I would love for my Thrashers in 2008, why not make a list? So without further a... Read More »

This Penner thing is Annoying

Posted August 3, 2007
It's been about a week since this whole Dustin Penner thing came about, but it feels like I've read about 1000 articles on this subject all calling for Kevin Lowe to step down, or he's desperate etc. The fact of the matter is (and i'm not an oiler fan) that Kevin did what he needed to do to make his team better. Did he pay too much? Probably. Is it joe averages fan's money? Nope... Is this a... Read More »


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