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If the Maple Leafs were an amusement park they'd be one of the best around. I don't think I've seen a more consistently inconsistent team game ever. The roller-coaster just doesn't end.

Let's start in net. Vesa Toskala is a goalie to make you scratch your head. He can on occasion (a rare occasion) be briliant and stop some tough shots. Unfortunately the more common of the Toskala's can't seem to stop a beach ball from going in a golf hole. In the last 5 games his numbers have literally been all over the board. Jonas Gustavsson has shown a bit of an up and down season as well, however considering he's a rookie and still adjusting to a completely new style of play he's been good.


Vs. Atlanta - 4 GA .875 sv%-----------------------Vs. Nashville - 3 GA .900 sv%
Vs. Washington - 6 GA .750 sv%-----------------Vs. Carolina - 3 GA .824 sv %
Vs. Philly - 0 GA 1.000 sv%------------------------Vs. Pittsburgh - 4 GA .897 sv%
Vs. Buffalo - 3 GA .903 sv%------------------------Vs. Philly - 6 GA .813 sv%
Vs. Edmonton - 3 GA .870 sv%--------------------Vs. Florida - 2 GA .935

At first glance the numbers are very similar...even slightly skewed in favour of Vesa. But considering that how long Toskala's been in the league; it's quite disappointing that a rookie from another league in a different country playing a different style of hockey is at the same level.

If I'm the Leafs GM there's no question in terms of goal. Re-signing Vesa makes no sense what so ever. Jonas is going to be a very good goaltender in the NHL and not making him the #1 starter makes little to no sense.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll take a look into the forward and defense positions and find out just how fun a ride it would be on their roller-coaster of a season.

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Every game of watching Gustavsson and Toskala makes me wish Cujo had discovered the fountain of youth when he was playing in the Spengler Cup...
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