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And so it Beings

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Well what can be said about last nights game. It was a good game. I was very surprised at Norway in the 1st period, they got good goal tending and played very well defensively. Unfortunately they couldn't keep up that defensive pace. It was good to see Iggy get the hat-trick, especially since he was struggling so badly over the last couple weeks with the Flames, maybe it'll spark something for when the NHL returns.

After the game you really do have to applaud Norway. For a team who hasn't been in the Olympics since 1994 they did put up a pretty good fight. I had predicted 8-1 for Canada giving Norway the benefit of scoring a goal from being excited...and they almost got one.

Luongo only faced 15 shots throughout the game, and most weren't tough shots but when he had to he was there and congrats on the shut-out Lou. Looks like it doesn't matter which goalie we go with, at least we know Lou can step in. Of course yesterdays game isn't a TRUE test, but it's better than nothing.

There were a few times I was a little concerned with the game though. Being 0-0 after the first period was very tense. And I actually started to get a little concerned, thankfully the 2nd period went a little more our way. But the penalties are something we HAVE to work on. Luckily against Norway we didn't have to worry too much, but against a stronger opponent we may have a problem. There isn't many players on Canada that are used to playing the PK and need to quickly get used to it...or we need to just not take penalties. Something tells me it's going to have to be the "getting used to it" option. Canada was playing the way our game should be played; physical. We were finishing checks and weren't afraid of the boards. Problem is, that caused a few of the penalties. However we NEED to keep playing that way to be successful in a tournament like this, so here's hoping we can get our players to adapt to the PK.

Overall it was a good opening game for Canada and from here on out the games WILL be harder. The Swiss are much better than you would think. They played very well against the Americans yesterday and should not be taken for granted when we play them tomorrow.

I predict a win for Canada but not as much as an 8-0 blowout. I say it will be 5-1 Canada.

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