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For weeks we have been sitting in chat rooms, listening to podcasts, scouring the internet for information that could lead us to some nugget of knowledge that would give us hope for change on our teams for the better. But has all that time been wasted?

The word was, "Nothing will happen until Forsberg makes a decision." Well, Forsberg made a decision, he was not going to play this year. His agent confirmed it, so speculation from "sources" should be viewed as just that, speculation. I tend to believe that if a players agent says he is done, he is done. What possible benefit would it be to Forsberg to have his agent tell people he is off the table? Absolutely none, because GMs are only going to throw more money at him if there is a sense of need, and teams will give up on Forsberg, lowering the demand. It is basic economics of Supply and Demand.

Now nobody wants to make any moves until the Sundin situation plays out. Seems to me that if a player demands a no-trade clause in his contract, then he does not want to be traded. If Sundin would agree to waive it based on a plan to come back and re-sign with his old team the next year, why would a team want to give up a ton of talent, prospects or picks to get him for 20-30 games? I know if I am a GM in the hunt, like let's say Doug Wilson, I am not about to part with Patrick Marleau, Matt Carle, Steve Bernier, Joe Pavalski or any 1st round picks to get a guy that does not want to stay in San Jose. Especially if their are guys out there that are just as good as Sundin like Hossa or Jokinen that are years younger and could also be a part of today's success as well as part of tomorrow's success.

We really have seen few moves of any importance. Ottawa and Carolina moved similar players. The Sens got valuable experience while Carolina got younger. San Jose picked up some grit that they have sorely been missing and really gave up nothing to get Jody Shelley. The Flyers made a good move picking up Modry, but then showed he was just being looked at as an upgrade by trading Vandermeer the next day.

Other than that, the GMs are asleep at the wheel waiting for players that may not be coming. The Forsberg foot fell, no action. Sundin isn't going to come. GMs should be looking at more realsitic moves that can improve their teams for realistic playoff pushes or should be looking to improve thier teams for next year.

As far as my beloved Los Tiberones, Doug Wilson needs to look at four possible moves:

1) Get Hossa or Jokinen to improve the offense. As much as I like Patrick Marleau, he is not going to snap out of his funk as long as Ron Wilson is the coach. Marleau, Carle and a couple of picks should get either of those guys.

2) Campbell or Boyle. The Sharks have a good young defense. But young defense does not win cups. Seasoned, battle tested defense wins cups.

3) Make a decision on Ron Wilson. Wilson is a great coach. You do not win 500 games in the NHL by being a slouch. The problem is, he is not the right coach for this team. When you attack your captain after a playoff series loss when the whole team seemed to disappear, you will alienate your captain. That is what has happened with Marleau. Marleau is a very talented player who is very well liked by his teammates. If a guy like that won't go to war for you, you are in big trouble. I agree with what Barry Melrose said on "Hockey Night in Canada" this week; Make a commitment to Marleau, or make a commitment to Wilson. If Marleau is still playing for the Sharks on Wednesday in Columbus, Ron Wilson will be out of work if the Sharks struggle in the playoffs, or misses them completely.

4) Trade Steve Bernier, Matt Carle and Curtis Brown for Alexander Ovechkin. What, you do not remember the Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau for Joe Thornton trade? I know, miracles do happen, but lightning rarely strikes the same place twice.

My next blog will happen after the Sharks game Wednesday in Columbus. I will be in the second row off the glass, just look for the Joe Thornton Jersey!


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