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Bring on The Playoffs

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All year long, Sharks fans lamented over inconsistency. We are not scoring enough. Our offense is hot and cold. Cheechoo and Marleau have disappeared. We need a number one d-man to make the playoffs.

Blah, Blah, Blah.

Living in Columbus, OH, I watched. I listened. I said, "Just be patient."

I got to see Brian Campbell's debut in teal in person in Columbus. I thought, "This could get interesting." The Sharks went on a 11 game tear. Sharks fans started getting excited. I thought, "Sure, jump on board."

Friday night, I got to watch the Sharks clinch the Pacific Division Championship in person by beating the defending Stanley Cup Champion Ducks in Anaheim. I screamed, "I told you so!"

The Sharks are positioned better then they have ever been for their best opportunity to win their first Stanley Cup, and a lot of the so called "experts" are saying this is the Sharks year.

People from Montreal to Toronto to even Eklund are saying that the Sharks are going all the way.

Be still my beating heart.

It is hard not to get caught up in all the excitement that is Sharks hockey. Since my very first hockey game (The Sharks first ever hockey game in Daly City, CA), I have been dreaming of the Sharks winning a Stanley Cup.

The only downside of the long wait is that I will have to watch it from afar in Ohio. But it will still be sweeter than watching the 49ers win all of their Super Bowls. Why? Because it takes 16 wins in the playoffs to win the Cup. Because anything can happen in a seven game playoff series (just ask the Yankees).

The Sharks clinched the division without Cheechoo and Rivet, out with injuries. The Sharks clinched the division while All-World Ironman Evgeni Nabokov rested on the bench and journeyman cast off Brian Boucher pitched a GEM (96% Save Percentage). Oh, by the way, Old Man Boucher has only given up 3 goals in 4 games since signing in San Jose.

The Sharks have the youth, grit, experience and desire to get it done.

This year, The Stanley Cup will know the way to San Jose.

From Columbus,
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