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"This building is vibrating!!!"
Sprague, CT • United States • 27 Years Old • Male
1. I saw a Bruins/Rangers game, that happened to be the only game Wayne Gretsky had missed in over 4 years, He retired that year, i never saw him play(that was also the game that Ken Belanger checked Ulf Sammuelsson into the boards and they took Ulf off on a stretcher, I've never heard any sports arena cheer louder)

2. The last 3 times i've been admitted to the E.R. , it's been because of hockey (3 stitches in leg from skate blade, 2 staples in my head for not wearing a helmet, and a concussion from getting blindsided in a no-check league)

3. I have a customized bruins jersey with my name and number on it, it was so damn expensive it was a joint Xmas present from my father, mother, and aunt.

4. I own Jerseys for: the Minnesota North Stars, the Minnesota Wild, The Hartford Whalers, The Boston Bruins, the German National Team, and the Providence Bruins.

5. When i make my players on any NHL game for any game system, i'm always a 6'4" Defenseman with number 55.

6. My first hockey game was in 1990, it was at the hartford civic center and the Whalers played the Red Wings.

7. My all time favorite player is Cam Neely, my first born son WILL be named Cameron Michael Thomas.

8. I once ran into Tom Caron (analyst for B's and Red Sox) at Logan airport when i was on standby for a flight. He got on the plane, I didn't. . ..

9. The hardest check any of us have ever received was on the pond when my friend Brent skated forehead first into a tree. we have since cut the tree down.

10. Every pond hockey game EVER always ends with a fight on the ice where the victor is decided by whoever pulled the opponents jersey over their head.
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