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"This building is vibrating!!!"
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I think we can all agree that Sunday was a resurgance of the Bruins dominance in the East that we had seen throughout November and December. The Bruins were skating hard, hitting even harder, and taking advantage of a very human-looking Marty Brodeur. The B's left the ice that afternoon with a 4-1 victory over the 2nd place Devils in their back pocket (yes, i'm aware that there's no pockets in hockey pants)

So do the B's dive straight into another week with momentum on their side? No, they get to enjoy a 5 day hiatus with a DVD release party in the middle.

Do the B's get well needed rest from this break and bust into Toronto Saturday ready to capture the Eastern Conference title and possibly even the Presidents' trophy, or do the Bruins lose the spark they found against New Jersey. Only then to return to their former early-spring mediocre hockey playing ways and seem more concerned about the teams behind them closing the gap rather than the possibility of a number 1 seed going into the NHL playoffs, and possible a Cup run (getting ahead of myself perhaps)

I'm not hung up on a Presidents' trophy at all, in fact, in my eyes, I believe it's a curse. Since the trophy's inception in the league in the '85/'86 season, only 7 teams (about 33%) have gone on to win Lord Stanley's Cup., the most recent being the '07/'08 Red Wings.

So in conclusion, I'm not concerned about the Bruins winning the Presidents' trophy, I would really just like to see the team be able to harness some momentum in these last few weeks, end with a bang, and be able to take some of that positive energy into the playoffs. Cause this writer believes that if the Bruins dont find their confidence, it will be another very short postseason for the black and gold.
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