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Corner of Kirk Maclean's Toe and Robert Reichel's face. • Canada • 2018 Years Old • Male
Nascar........... I cold not care even a little but about... but car crashed.... OOOHHH... let let at my PVR.

This is a time honoured sentiment. Violence, usually mindless, will get our attention faster than a hole in one, an honest QB sack and even that most exciting play in hockey.... the.... the... what was it again? Penalty Shot?

So my point is: How do Americans actually view what they loving term "HACKEY". And by "they', I mean those who watch religously. We all know every market has a certain number of die hards...

But for the rest, do hackey highlights get the same anabashed attention as a WNBA pregame warmup?

What do Americans think about "HACKEY" when all they see are the headshots and stupid NHL suspension policies?
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