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Corner of Kirk Maclean's Toe and Robert Reichel's face. • Canada • 2018 Years Old • Male
Nascar........... I cold not care even a little but about... but car crashed.... OOOHHH... let let at my PVR. This is a time honoured sentiment. Violence, usually mindless, will get our attention faster than a hole in one, an honest QB sack and even that most exciting play in hockey.... the.... the... what was it again? Penalty Shot? So my point is: How do Americans actually view what... Read More »
I am not a fan of brawls. Never have been. They are the ultimate way for a lesser team to equalize themselves with a better team. But why all the blame on the Islanders? Are they not just another team that has had to compete in a league that is so uncoodinated with discipline and suspensions that it encourages teams to handle things themselves? After all, there is no other justice, i... Read More »


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