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So Long, Mats.

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Jonathan Matsumoto, the leading scorer for the Phantoms last season, has been traded to the Carolina Hurricanes for pick #206 (Ricard Blidstrand.) Some people may say the Flyers gave up too quickly on Mats. I am one of those people. Matsumoto was never given a chance to prove himself in the NHL. Even with all of the Flyers injuries over the last couple of years, Matsumoto has yet to play an NHL game. This is definitely a head scratcher as some players, coughLalibertecough, have been given numerous chances with the big club. Putting up big numbers in the AHL should have some reward but obviously this wasn't the case for Matsumoto. But one positive you can take away from this is that the Flyers are getting something for Mats. He was going to be a RFA and it was unlikely the Flyers would have kept him. I always wanted to see Mats play for the Flyers but obviously the organization didn't like what they saw. Good luck to him in the future.

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