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"Beerbaron's Rants and Raves...well mostly Rants"
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Yes folks the baron is back after a lenghty battle with kidney stones. Who knew a stone that was 5mm could kick the crap out of someone so badly. Anywho I digress...Lots has happened in the last month. I'm not going to rehash the cup final as that horse has been put to pasture. All I will say is congrats to both Anaheim and Ottawa for making it.

The Sens came out of left field this week by canning Muckler. I must admit I did not see this coming (I know a lot of "insiders" will say that they say this coming but let's face it, nobody knew about this). With Murray as GM I think we can expect some significant changes over the next little while as he shapes the team into what he believes the boys need to win the big one. Personally I like the move, Murray is a good hockey man and I think he will serve the team well. Who they bring in as coach should be interesting with some big names being bounced around (Quinn, Burns). Your guess is as good as mine as to who they bring in but my gut says that Murray has his eyes set on Paddock. Obviously that could change in a NY Minute (which Emery prefers to Buffalo minutes...).

Then there is July 1...or as I like to call it international my hockey team is going to look totally different day. I think we can expect a few trades at the draft beforehand and then we'll be treated to another year of GM's paying through the nose to sign anybody they can get their hands on and all significant signings being reported by 12:10am just like last year. Will be interesting to see none the less. Exciting times for a hockey fan (unless you're from Nashville where I'd be craping my pantaloons) and should make for good discussion over the next 10 days or so.

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June 20, 2007 10:48 AM ET | Delete
If you can get me to laugh out loud at 10:30 in the morning, at work, you've done something right. The Emery comment is hilarious.As we talked about before, the Murray move is a good one for the Sens. This is after all the guy who fleeced the Isles out of Luongo and Jokinen. Should be interesting! Go Sens!
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