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"Beerbaron's Rants and Raves...well mostly Rants"
Ottawa, ON • 30 Years Old • Male
Great game last night. A full 60 minutes of forechecking and goals. The locals will be lining up the get their free pizza today I'm sure. I can see Pizza Pizza implementing a new policy "umm...everybody who has a ticket must answer a skill testing question...recite the first 12 numbers after the decimal point in Pii" Things definitely got a little chippy at the end of the game. I have a funny feel we'll see a BM next game...that is Brian McGrattan! Murray might want him on the bench in case things get interesting later on in the game with Larocque dressed for Pittsburgh. Just a guess though.

Fleury definitely looked shaky but I think he deserves another start. If they go with Thibault next game the kids confidence will be crushed and then if Thibault gets shelled what happens next? You have two goalies with no confidence.

The boys in red were definitely drinking Murray's Kool-aid last night, great to see. I thought Corvo had a very solid game. Looking forward to Saturday afternoon (don't even get me started on having a stupid afternoon game on Saturday...it's hockey "night" in Canada for a reason)

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