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Another season has begun with the Battle of Alberta. All and all a good game, unless of course you play on the Oiler's PK units. The Oilers did show more "crust" as Coach Quinn likes to call it. A couple of fights, one involving Sam Gagner(?!?), and there were good solid checks being thrown.

The Pre-Game show was highlighted by a full out bag pipe entourage and acrobats, it was very entertaining. Then the clowns hit the ice to kill of some penalties. If the coaching staff didn't already have enough grey hair then this game should of cemented the folical conversion to silver/grey. IF this trend keeps up then I'm sure that the entire coaching/management staff will have pulled out every strand of hair they have by season's end!

Besides that woeful 'special' teams the Oilers did good, they played hard and didn't give up. Which was something the squad last year did way too often. There was even a chance to get a point out of the whole ordeal until....the "what the heck was that?!?"-moment of the game. The puck is coming down the ice, Khabby comes out to play it, the puck jumps up on its side, slides off the heel of the goalie's stick right to...David Moss?! Crap, tap in to the empty net, less than 1 minute remaining.

An ugly end to a good game sprinkled with terrible Penalty Killing. All and all same old same old in Oil Country. Lets see what happens when the Stars come a'callin. Will there be a solution? The Oilers got it backwards, score on the Powerplay, don't let a goal in on the Penalty Kill.

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