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So, Why Not Canada? That is the question TSN and the Globe and Mail are asking. There is a lot passion in Canadian hockey fans. We all know what's best for the game, we feel strongly when we've been wronged. We get mad at the Commish when he goes on TV during an interview and says that he didn't want the Jets to leave Winnipeg. Really Gary?? That's so nice of you to say 15 years later!! You we... Read More »

Ideas for a happier NHL

Posted June 9, 2010
Traditions are important. The names of the Conferences and Divisions should have been left alone. But that was done only to try and draw in and keep fans. The NHL will do anything to try and woo Americans into not just loving their home team but to want to watch hockey in general. For example: Fox and their 'glowing' puck experiment; or the over explanation of what all the on-the-ice calls meant (... Read More »
The Trade Deadline has passed. The Oilers dropped some salary (which isn't that tough when you look at some of the contracts the Oilers handed out over the years), did they improve the club though? In the long run..maybe. In the short term..absolutely not. But here is the question that has to be asked for the rest of the season is this: Have the Oilers made themselves worse for the rest of the... Read More »
Another season has begun with the Battle of Alberta. All and all a good game, unless of course you play on the Oiler's PK units. The Oilers did show more "crust" as Coach Quinn likes to call it. A couple of fights, one involving Sam Gagner(?!?), and there were good solid checks being thrown. The Pre-Game show was highlighted by a full out bag pipe entourage and acrobats, it was very entertain... Read More »


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