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The Trade Deadline has passed. The Oilers dropped some salary (which isn't that tough when you look at some of the contracts the Oilers handed out over the years), did they improve the club though? In the long run..maybe. In the short term..absolutely not.

But here is the question that has to be asked for the rest of the season is this: Have the Oilers made themselves worse for the rest of the season? Nope. However, making the team worse would of taken some sort of divine intervention!

Sad to see Vish go, liked the way he played. But Whitney may snap out of the Anaheim slump he's been in the last few years. Time will tell. Staios is gone, he has a passion and love for the game that every hockey fan should admire, but the best years of his career are behind him.

Long term, maybe the draft picks will pan out into something. Historically the Oilers haven't exactly made the best draft choices. (ie: Steven Rice) With a good chance or the 1st overall pick it makes drafting a lot easier. Seeing as a 2nd grader with one bad eye would have a tough time messing up the 1st overall pick in this year's draft.

So here's to the rest of the season, let's hope the remaining Oilers on the team learn some work ethic and character. "The Fall for Hall" is what this season shall be known as from now on.
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