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Stastny Signs Extension

Posted 4:56 PM ET | Comments 9
A quick take on Stastny's extension -

A nice signing by FG I think. Some people look at Stastny's numbers and think $6.6 per is too much, but I don't think so. It's just under Kopitar's $6.8 per. The Avs were able to buy out one of his UFA years and keep the sharks from circling during any future RFA periods. Sure he'll be a bit overpaid next year, but if he continues to improve and NHL contracts continue to inflate, then this contract will probably start to look pretty good as soon as the 2010-11 season.

For the immediate future, this contract puts the Avs at about $42 mill committed for next season. Let's assume the cap goes up from this year's $56.6 to somewhere around $60 mill - this gives the Avs about $18 mill to play with next season. Hopefully Sakic comes back for another round (and the prospect of playing in the Olympics in Vancouver) - let's call that $6 mill. With that remaining $12 million the Avs will need to address their goalie situation as well as take care of RFAs Jones, McCormick and McLeod. None of those three guys are going to break the bank. Guite, Lappy and Arnason are UFAs. I can't imagine this team bringing Arnie back, so let's assume he goes. Personally, I would resign Lappy if he would take $2 mill per for 3 years. With Guite it probably depends on how this season goes, but often a guy like Guite moves on for a slightly larger salary on someone else's 4th line. Let's assume he leaves also. It looks to me like the Avs will have about $6 mill left to figure out goalies - that means some combination of resigning Budaj (who is arbitration eligible), Raycroft (UFA) or some other free agent.

The Avs would have the space to at least take a shot at a big name UFA goalie, although looking at the current crop, I don't think that's necessarily the best move. Taking a quick look at the UFA list for next summer - the only highly paid guys that interest me are Backstrom (30 yrs old) and Biron (31) - and Biron is having a tough go of it right now. The other way FG could go is to look at some cheaper UFAs with upside - two names that jump out at me are Craig Anderson and Dany Sabourin. Obviously this all depends on how the Budaj/Raycroft situation pans out - if neither has a good year, then I could see the Avs trying to get Backstrom or Biron. If one (Budaj) flourishes and this team wins a playoff series or two, then I can see them picking up a guy on the cheap (maybe even Raycroft again, remember folks, it's early) to serve as the backup. Something to chew on anyways.
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November 18, 2008 5:36 PM ET | Delete
I can't see the Sabourin thing happening. Remember this is the guy that didn't work well for the Pens, they use Conklin, and he kept them int he playoff hunt.I was also at the can when Sabourin played there last season. He looked pretty bad.My preference would be 3 to 4 years of Backstrom, if Budaj does not turn out.
November 18, 2008 5:40 PM ET | Delete
Stastney was a great signing he will really help the Avs he is their future
November 18, 2008 8:37 PM ET | Delete
No matter what you think of the salary now it's better than what they were going to be forced to pay him after the offer sheets came rolling in. Had to be done and I'm thrilled it's over
November 19, 2008 12:31 PM ET | Delete
Did you all see the comparison of Kopitar to Stastny on nhl.com? Lets you write in to decide who is better.
November 19, 2008 12:37 PM ET | Delete
sreekers - I'm not saying Sabourin is a world-beater, but given the Avs recent approach to goaltending, I could see Sabourin brought in as a backup if Budaj has a stellar year. Not that I would be necessarily be thrilled by that. Obviously I would prefer Backstrom. It will be interesting to see if the Wild can manage to lock him up. It's hard to imagine them just letting him walk, but they might want Harding to take over next season, and they showed with Rolston and Dimitra that they aren't afraid to let guys walk for nothing.
November 19, 2008 12:48 PM ET | Delete
I really doubt the Cap is going to go up next year. It's based on revenues and a lot of teams are struggling this year because the economy is doing so poorly right now.
November 19, 2008 1:32 PM ET | Delete
Obe- As a back up, would not surprise me a bit. I don't like it at all, i.e. the goal scored on him last night. If Budaj keeps up his play, then situation solved. I hate to say it, but the team looks like it lacks motivation. They are allmost a schizophrenic team when it comes to offense. One night they score in gangbuster mode, then the next night they can't get a bounce. How long do you see this organization hanging on to Granato?
November 19, 2008 1:59 PM ET | Delete
I personally think Stastny is the next Datsyuk. They are both really smart players. The difference is that Datsyuk plays in a system that encourages creativity and Stastny plays in a system that really tries to keep things simple. The Avs are hellbent on getting garbage goals. Once the team starts playing to win I think guys like Staz, Wolski, Hensick and Svats will explode. Right now there is not a doubt in my mind that the Avalanche are the worst team in hockey. Last nights terrible performance is proof of that.
November 19, 2008 2:13 PM ET | Delete
I think the Avs are close, but we as fans have yet to endure a down turn. We have been very spoiled for many years with excellent teams. We haven't had to face rebuilding years as hockey fans in the Rockies. This will probably be one of those seasons. The organization has drafted well in the past, and I hope they will continue to do so. Another year out of the playoffs will aid in that development. Trade some assets for more picks. If we as fans see a plan, then it will be worth it. I would rather them be cold with a rebuilding plan, than mediocre with desire to stay there.
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