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Kipper got his first shutout of the season as the flames blanked the preds 1-0. A really physical game that saw some big hits thrown by either sides.

The Positives


Kipper with an amazing effort blanked the preds with 34 saves on the night. Kipper has been playing tremendously and 5 games in, he seems to already be in midseason form.

With a few highlight reel hits, Sarich is out there on a mission. He is ready to prove the coaching staff wrong in making him sit out the first few games and was easily one of the better defensemen on the team.

The pair had a solid outing tonight. It seems like the gaffs made in the first few games by White was just rust as he is entering into the zone. The black-eyed monster was present all around the ice and had some really good plays in the offensive and defensive zone.

The cycling of the puck was amazing and though initially it seemd like Bourque was still trying to drag his weight as the game went on he got into the zone and was a presence in the forechecking zone. This has the building of a solid third line

Much like the third line, the cycling was excellent. There were a few turnovers in the offensive zone which the line will want to get back but all three (especially Hagman) possessed tremendous work ethic. Hagman can seem unbelievable when he is motivated.

A presence all around the ice, Giordano led the team with 5 shots on goal. Giordano is a presence night in and night out, so it is something we have come to expect. Better to sign him to an extension right now, rather than wait till his value skyrockets


Following a dominating night against edmonton on the dot, the flames turned up a sub-par performance tonight. Jokinen winning 5 of 15 draws and Stajan also finished below 0.500. Winning faceoffs can be a big thing in the offensive zone, as could be seen by the opportunity White had in the third perfiod when Olli won a clean one.

Screening and crashing
The flames need to bring bodies to the front of the net. This will make them successful. The goal the flames scored tonight was when all three forwards were within a few feet of the goalie. Today's goalies have the size and reflexes and the best way to beat them is to block their view. Flames have big bodies in the forward ranks and placing them in front of the goalie will increase the offensive output

A way better night from Staios compared to the previous few nights but he did get beat to the puck on a few occasions whereas most other defensemen would have been alright.

All in all a great showing by the flames and here is hoping to a good roadtrip and further victories against Detroit and Columbus.
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