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Bye Langkow

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Last week saw another long time Flame being traded away. This time the name heading out was the veteran center, Daymond Langkow. After a successful comeback to hockey, Langkow finds himself on the Coyotes, being traded by the Flames for Lee Stempniak.

Langkow, one of the leaders in Calgary's locker room, recovered from a freak injury which saw him out of action for almost a year. He returned to play 4 games to wrap up the season. Many fans, myself included, were looking forward to seeing what he could bring to the table following recovery. After such an injury though, at 4.5 million cap hit, Langkow was a risky venture. According to Feaster, he got a call from Coyotes and the deal went from there. What does this deal mean?

1. Flames drop salary. The team owed 4.5 million to Langkow in 2011-12 in the final year of his 5 year contract that was signed by Darryl Sutter. They will now be paying Stempniak 2.3 million (1.9 mill cap hit) which see 2.5 million more being created under the cap. This cap can be used in many different ways. If Calgary find themselves in the race at trade deadline, this can amount to a pretty well played player or two (Flames can trade for players having a total of 10 million cap). And if the men in red find themselves out of the race, they can decide to absorb contracts from other teams in order to secure picks or prospects. Not a bad position to be in. Over the last few years the Flames have usually found themselves right at the edge of the cap and this season it seems as if it will be a bit different.

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