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Ring of Fire

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Another flames win, another two goals for Bourque, another shutout for Kipper another point for Morrisson. The flames are shaking off their inability to score stigma by the buckets. Goals from three different lines and the Glencross line also had some tremendous opportunities.

The Good

What a game by Kiprusoff. The guy seems to have x-ray vision in being able to see the puck through bodies and screens. He had a few tremendous saves on Heatley and Setoguchi. Got to love the celebration and huge smile on his face after the win.

Rene Bourque
Is this guy on fire? 6 points in the last two games out of which 5 were goals. Bourque was a factor out there in the first period and a half, though as the game was ending he wasn't all that much of a presence. That might have more to do with the third and fourth line getting more ice time as opposed to his play.

This line had a really good night out there, which resulted in a goal as well as increased ice-time. Good on Meyers to get his first NHL point. The pass was crisp with a good shot by Conroy. The line was present all around and had some really good forechecking as well as a good tilt by Jackman.

He was a huge presence in the later half of the game. A few solid jolts and also received a few of his own. He has got speed and, as can be seen by his move on the defenceman and nittymaki (only to be thwarted by the post), he has decent hands too.
The return of Kotalik and Moss to the lineup will create a logjam on the third line for sure. Glencross is definitely proving his worth to keep his spot on the third.


The top line is just improving on their chemistry and had solid shifts on the ice. The Iginla goal was a hot shot and he had a few other solid opportunites, including a breakaway. Looking at Iginla's play so far, I can see him surpassing a ppg once again this season. November, historically, is Iginla's most successful month and his play lately is showing that once again, Iginla is going to be a dominating force come november. Stajan though needs to start shooting the puck and not look to finding Iginla on the fly.

The Average

As opposed to the last few games, Sarich wasn't too much of a presence and wasn't heard off too much during the game. Though this can be a good thing, considering he is more of a defensive dman. He had a solid game, but then again, wouldn't be fair listing all players as good would it?

The main reason I list him in this list is because a couple of turnovers he made against Heatley line. He is definitely an upgrade over Staios though and so far seems to be a decent pick-up. I would still rather play Pardy over him, when Pardy returns.

Even though Bourque scored two more goals to add to his tally, Jokinen wasn't a huge part of them, although he was the centre. On the powerplay goal, though Jokinen was out in front of the goalie, which is a good place to be in case of the rebound. He had a few decent opportunities and seems to have improved his speed as the season is progressing. He need to start finding the back of the net soon, otherwise the next two years won't be too kind to him in Calgary. I believe he has it in him to hit 25goals/60 points once he gains some confidence.
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October 25, 2010 1:52 AM ET | Delete
Bourque sure is hot now even his low quality shots are getting through take his second goal for example, he just skates past the blueline, goes for a slap shot and it ends up in the net. No one can score goals like that with any level of consistency. I'm not trying to rip on Bourque, he has been our best forward since he returned just some of his goals have been unusual.
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