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Game 4 Vancouver at Dallas

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So by this point I think it's safe to say it would be 2-1 for one team rather than 3-0. But why is it that score? Games 1 and 3 were as close as they get and game 2 was all about the Stars. The Canucks won game 3 because of 2 defensive breakdowns not because of anything they really did. On the first goal Turco was telling his d-man to reverse the puck behind the net and he did not, Bulis gets a a goal. In OT Pyatt gets left alone and he buries it.

Something is going to change. I don't think Tippet or Vigneault are going to allow their goalies to keep them in it again and pray there are no mistakes...it's a dangerous way to live. I see a game plan change for both teams and it goes like this: Dallas' top lines will try and find a way to get the puck past the Vancouver neutral zone coverage and behind Luongo and play from down low. Vancouver will try and get the puck on Turco, low, so he has to play it out and take him away from playing the puck up in the transition game.

This should result in more scoring opportunities for both teams, of course Turco and Luongo will play a huge role but not as important as the defensive cores. Whichever defense can adapt first should be the team that wins but when you have these two all-stars in net no game is easy to predict.
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good job Banger good breakdown on tonight's game Flamestr
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An interesting contrarian thought. Everyone can say "this is the playoffs" but these 2 teams tangled with boredom several times already this season. The explosion you seek comes through luck and bounces. It happened already in Game 1. The rest of the series will be the same. That's just how these two teams are. We have the defense to shut them down. They have enough defense to shut us down for the most part. Our D is stronger than theirs, but their O is stronger than ours. Our goalie is arguably better than theirs, while both are great.End of the day, you pay for your mistakes. That's how this series will end. I can only sense the Canucks being more confident (could this mean they are more error-prone?) than Dallas and Dallas perhaps being more frustrated, especially if we get an early goal. What leads to more mistakes... confidence or frustration?In the media they can talk about their game, confidence, tempo and etc... but in their heads, they are thinking -- "geebus, what does it take to score a frigg'n goal!!!?!??!"
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Dallas should be concerned that although capable, Luongo has yet to "steal" a game in this series.Vancouver should be concerned that they're so lacking depth in forwards that an unknown AHL player can jump straight into the first line power play.
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