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Las Vegas coming soon

Posted August 23, 2007
So here you are Harrah's is ready to make the push. With a CSI mastermind loving the game can it be that far fetched that we will have the NHL in Vegas? VIP suites at ice level.... a 300 million ice making machine and slots on the bench. Rest assured hockey in Vegas will change the way the rest of the NHL showcases itself. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/basketball/more/08/22/harrah... Read More »

These Times...they are messed up.

Posted August 16, 2007
This blog has little to do with hockey but it has a bit to do with sports and life and our values. In the past few months a lot of things have happened within sports and ties to the real world that have me shaking my head. Let's take a few examples of our sports stars/personalities, Michael Vick, Tim Donaghy, Mark Bell, Barry Bonds, any cyclist. What's the common thread, they have all chea... Read More »

FA and Draft Day thoughts

Posted June 5, 2007
As we approach the last interesting days of this hockey season some of the blogs I have read recently have given me thoughts to ponder. I wrote before that we might see the beginning of 'parity' as star talent looks like it will disperse further from the traditional concentrations. If the cap increases that may not happen but certainly it will take a few more years for that to happen and really.... Read More »
So I've been busy as heck with work and having Vancouver out of the playoffs has reduced my time commitment to hockey this past week. I've started to tune back in a bit and realized that it's gone into rumour and speculation season again. Having had a week off I can look at things with a bit of new perspective. First off I think this year's draft and FA start will be interesting for all the r... Read More »

Game 4 Vancouver at Dallas

Posted April 17, 2007
So by this point I think it's safe to say it would be 2-1 for one team rather than 3-0. But why is it that score? Games 1 and 3 were as close as they get and game 2 was all about the Stars. The Canucks won game 3 because of 2 defensive breakdowns not because of anything they really did. On the first goal Turco was telling his d-man to reverse the puck behind the net and he did not, Bulis gets... Read More »

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