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Playoff Predictions

Posted 11:53 PM ET | Comments 3
Hey, this is my first blog. I made these predictions for all of the playoff rounds so I thought I would share them with you. Note that these were made before the games tonight.

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals
1. Buffalo (4-2) vs. 8. NYI
2. New Jersey (4-1) vs. 7. Tampa Bay
3. Atlanta vs. 6. NYR (4-2)
4. Ottawa vs. 5. Pittsburgh (4-3)

Western Conference Quarterfinals
1. Detroit (4-1) vs. 8. Calgary
2. Anaheim (4-3) vs. 7. Minnesota
3. Vancouver (4-1) vs. 6. Dallas
4. Nashville vs. 5. San Jose (4-2)

Eastern Conference Semifinals
1. Buffalo (4-1) vs. 6. NYR
2. New Jersey vs. 5. Pittsburgh (4-2)

Western Conference Semifinals
1. Detroit vs. 5. San Jose (4-2)
2. Anaheim (4-2) vs. 3. Vancouver

Eastern Conference Finals
1. Buffalo (4-3) vs. 5. Pittsburgh

Western Conference Finals
2. Anaheim vs. 5. San Jose (4-3)

Stanley Cup Finals
1. Buffalo (4-2) vs. 5. San Jose

Well, let me know what you think of these predictions. The West was very tough to decide, there are a lot of good teams.
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April 12, 2007 12:13 AM ET | Delete
Buffalo is not going to get through a six game series with the Isles and a six game series with the Rangers making it to a cup final afterwards. They are going to be to bruised and banged up afterwards.If Buffalo hopes to get through a series with the Rangers they need to beat the Isles in 5 or less. Facing those two teams back to back in playoff series is going to wear down any team in this league to the point where they are just a pile of meat afterwards.
April 12, 2007 12:17 AM ET | Delete
Detroit (4-1) vs. 8. Calgary Vancouver (4-1) vs. 6. DallasHa Ha please
April 27, 2007 5:29 AM ET | Delete
Ducks are going to win the cup. Sorry to rain on your parade.
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