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Although the Sabres don't play tonight, there are still 5 games that should be very interesting.

Atlanta/NYR - Rangers lead series 2-0
Atlanta must win this game to have any chance. They already gave up both of their home games to start the series. It Atlanta can play well on the road for the next 2 games, they could have a shot at winning. However, I think the Rangers will win the series in 4-5 games.

Ottawa/Pittsburgh - Senators lead series 2-1
Pittsburgh has been outplayed in 2 of the 3 games so far. A win at home here is completely neccessary for them to have a chance. The Penguins must play better than they did in Games 1 and 3 to beat Ottawa or even to put up a fight. Crosby has been pretty good for them, but either he'll need to completely take over, or the Penguins will need to find a way to stop Ottawa's offense. I think Pittsburgh wins this game, but Ottawa gets the series.

Vancouver/Dallas - Canucks lead series 2-1
This series has been a lot tighter and exciting than I ever expected. This should be another great one between the 2 teams. If Vancouver wins this game, the series would be over in my opinion. Dallas has proven they can play with the Canucks though, so I think they can pull out the win tonight to tie the series at 2.

Anaheim/Minnesota - Ducks lead series 3-0
This has been a tough series for Minnesota, they have lost the games by small margins. There is no doubt in my mind that the Ducks will win this series. It is possible the Wild will prolong the series a game or two, but that is it.

Detroit/Calgary - Red Wings lead series 2-0
The Red Wings have completely dominated the first two games and I see no reason that wouldn't continue. Even Kiprusoff can't save the Flames in this one. Calgary's only chance is to find a way to win their home games and try to take the momentum in the series.
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