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Ilya Kovalchuk is well, a superstar. He can snipe, check and can handle the puck like it's nothing. He's amazed not just Thrasher fans, but Russian people as well with his huge performances with them in the Olympics. People love him everywhere. But with those skills, shouldn't he be winning Stanley Cups? Like I said before, me and all of Thrasher nation loves him, but he deserves a lot more than he's getting on a team like this one.

Atlanta has the money, and they have the interest but Kovy has all reason to leave the Thrashers for a contender. Yes, his contract is up a year from now, and yes Atlanta could become a contender within the offseason but the chances are low. So now, here is the question. Does Ilya stay in Atlanta or does Ilya leave Atlanta in July of 2010?

Firstly, I'll tell you why Ilya should stay on the team. DW wants Mr. Kovalchuk bad, and has said it many times. Has Ilya shown the same love towards Atlanta? Yes. And with young guns just waiting for the callup in Chicago, we'd have a chance to make this team younger and with prospects like them, Kovy would have to be smiling. Atlanta also some money to throw around, and could offer quite a bit more than most contenders. So there is just a few reasons why Ilya should stay.

Now, I'll tell you why he shouldn't. Marian Hossa, one of Ilya's friends, had been in the same situation as Ilya, with his contract being close to the end. Hossa wanted to win a Stanley Cup and get some more recognition. Buit everyone knew he needed to find a contender to help him do that. And guess what, Marian is 3rd on points on that team and he is heading to the playoffs as the number 2 seed. This has to be something Ilya must have in mind. Then, you have to look at all the Russians on some of these contenders, like Detroit. People who played with Kovy in the Olympics can be found on some of these contenders. And lastly, the chances of DW making something huge is little. Don is always known for well, the "little" deals & signings, and unless he has a change of mind, I don't think it'll be any different.

What do I think Kovy will do? I think he'll stay. Kovy has made so many friends and chemistry here, and he does love it here! We've got the money, and making this team younger (something I do see DW doing...) will most definitely seal the deal in my opinion. Now it's your turn, will Kovy stay or will Kovy go?
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