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Its that time of year for Flyers Fans to start the "nail-biting" in regards to our goaltending issues. Biron is INCONSISTENT and cannot be relied upon to stop the puck in the playoffs. When he does make a save he is guilty of kicking the rebounds directly into the slot, resulting in incremental scoring opportunities. Last year Biron was the "X" factor in the Flyers post season triumphs. He played the Habs tough and his performance was commendable.

This year he will not be the "X" factor he was last year in the playoffs for Philly's finest. Nope! That honor will be thrust upon Daniel Briere. Briere's history in the playoffs is strong to say the least. He averages about a point a game if memory serves me right and if you saw the Leafs Flyers game last night, you had to be impressed with his game.

In prior games he appeared to be skating in pudding, and was guilty of not moving his feet. He appeared to be a cigar store indian frozen in space as the game occurred around him. Maybe Mr. Holmgren had a chat with Danny prior to the game against the leafs, because he looked awesome! I hope this is the beginning of a trend for Danny and he can return to his performances of old.

Look for Danny to continue this trend into the playoffs, as I predict he will be the difference for the Flyers. He will score goals mostly on the power play, and will net a few rebounds from the slot.

Thus it is written so it must be. GO FLYERS!
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Smoke shop indian haha nice.Dutch masters all day.
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April 7, 2009 11:32 AM ET | Delete
you know Hossa will earn his paycheck. I hope Danny earns his too.
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