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Posted January 11, 2010
Has anyone taken time to notice how effective Dan Carcillo has been playing? Yes he has taken poor penalties at bad times during important games. Yes he needs better discipline. But he has had a positive impact on this team. When the Flyers were in their APATHETIC fog, Number 13 continued to hustle, finish his checks, and get under other teams skin. LAV even had him on the power play! I rece... Read More »

Carcillo Suspension is a joke

Posted April 17, 2009
Good God, what is happening to the NHL? Suspensions for "sending a message"? This has been part of the game since the beginning of time. What exactly is "sending a message"? The ultimate purpose of every hockey fight is to "send a message". Will fighting result in automatic suspensions? Don't get me wrong, I believe that players that use their sticks as club weapons in an attempt to injure sho... Read More »
Its that time of year for Flyers Fans to start the "nail-biting" in regards to our goaltending issues. Biron is INCONSISTENT and cannot be relied upon to stop the puck in the playoffs. When he does make a save he is guilty of kicking the rebounds directly into the slot, resulting in incremental scoring opportunities. Last year Biron was the "X" factor in the Flyers post season triumphs. He played... Read More »

Why The Habs Won't make the Playoffs

Posted March 31, 2009
We have all heard NHL bloggers, announcers, beat writers, and fans refer to the omni-present "HOCKEY GODS". These unseen forces, that protect the integrity and well being of the game as we know it, have been offended! Thats Right fellow Hockey Fans, the same City (Montreal) and its fans, who in the past paid homage to the HOCKEY GODS have sinned against the Gods in 2008-2009. "How you may ask",... Read More »


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