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Has anyone taken time to notice how effective Dan Carcillo has been playing? Yes he has taken poor penalties at bad times during important games. Yes he needs better discipline.

But he has had a positive impact on this team. When the Flyers were in their APATHETIC fog, Number 13 continued to hustle, finish his checks, and get under other teams skin. LAV even had him on the power play!

I recently watched a game on satellite where the announcers made a flawed comparision to The Rat Kenny Linsman. Both the rat and Dan Carcillo yapped at other teams and started extra-curricular stuff on the ice. The rat never finished what he started (He had Homer finish it for him). I do not think the comprision has merit, cause Carcillo needs nobody to finish what he started.

Carcillo is more of a Bob "Hound" Kelly player. He skates hard, uses the body well, will drop the gloves and is not intimidated of anyone. Both Kelly and Carcillo are ENERGY players that had impact on the game. Both Kelly and Carcillo are HATED in other teams buildings. Both have been referred to as animals.

Carcillo should be commended for studying the Flyers culture. Dan knows what is expected of him on the ice. He grew a moustache to honor Dave Schultz in the hammers innauguration into the Flyers Hall of Fame. He often speaks about the identity of the flyers and the corporate culture of the team. He understands the significance of wearing the logo on his chest!

More importantly, Carcillo understands the the culture of Philadelphia. He embraces the blue collar work ethic of the citizens of the Philadelphia. He is an over-achiever and plays his guts out every night. He attended an Eagles game and flexed for the crowd on the jumbo TV screen. Dan Carcillo is Philadelphia.

Wayne Gretzky once said Carcillo will be a 30 goal scorer. I hope the great one was right, but for now, Lets Go Flyers and Lets Go CARCILLO.
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January 11, 2010 2:12 PM ET | Delete
Well said. Last season I believed that Carcillo brought nothing to the Flyers team. It's obvious that he has proven me wrong this season. Carcillo is starting to learn when it's ok to drop the gloves and battle, and when to just keep skating. Gretzky could be on to something, as it's also obvious that Carcillo has the skill to score: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rXNH7Q3TWk
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