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"Oilers and More"
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I am not talking about color of skin or race but there are some key building blocks.

You have to have a guy from Sweden on there. It is a must. Chicago has more than one. We moved our only guy, Omark to the minors.

Good goalies don't come from Regina, if they are born there, fine but they need to play minor league hockey in Quebec. We all know that. Chicago again proved that with Crawford. Good goalies don't grow up in Regina.

You need a Russian star which we have. (Yakupov)

A strong Canadian D which we got. (Shultz)

We need a funny looking guy and we need a guy with a goofy mullet. Luckily Smyth covers both but we are hooped next year.

We need a guy from over seas whos name doesn't fit on the Jersey which mean Grebeshkov has to make the team. We were okay when Khabibulin was here but now that he is gone we are in trouble.

We need a fighter which we have in Brown.

We need a goon and the closest we have is Smid which is weak.

Plus we need a guy with a cool nick name. We had the Bulin Wall. Yak Attack is the closest we got now. We could use another.

We need someone tough like Smyth use to be. Get an injury and get a huge cut to the face. No need to go to the dressing room, just stitch me up in the hall so I can get back out there. We hear rumors of RNH, Hall and Eberle playing injured at the start of last season. Tell us what is wrong after they are healed. Let the fans be proud of our injury prone team again. We heard the second Hemsky broke his foot but RNH is apparently injured before the World Juniors and no one even mentions what the injury is? Us fans are cool with it but my friends tell me he broke his hymen or pulled his uterus. Weak.

Last but not least we need a guy that tucks in his jersey religiously to the point where it looks silly. Fight strap or no fight strap, it has to be done. I don't care if they tuck in the front.

Also Kevin Lowe sucks and the team has been terrible since he was hired, except for a lucky year where Roloson and Pisani played amazing.
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