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Lottery Winners

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I must say the NHL seems to be going the right way with the lottery. It is not must see TV yet but that was a lot more interesting with the top 3 all up for grabs. It is not like them to successfully market anything. I think the big Congratulations go to the Jets. They will get themselves a big Finnish player that will fit well on their team next season.

As for the Leafs... I must say I am happy they got Matthews. They need the player more than a lot of the teams in the lottery and it will be good to see them build around such a dynamic young forward.

I should probably be disappointed my Oilers fell out of contention for one of the two Fins but I am really not. I am sure they are great and I would have loved to see Jesse in an Oilers uniform. If they trade up or try, I understand it. Still I really like Nylander and Tkachuk. I think they are underrated in this draft and are both going to be amazing. Tkachuk is smaller but wow can that kid play. With 33 points in 14 playoff games this season he would be a great addition to the team.

The plusses include great speed, can play all three forward positions, great two way play and can keep up with the Oilers top 6. Downside, if you can call it one is his size. At 6'0 190 lbs he is considered small compared to what the Oilers appear to want. However his size is misleading. The kid plays with an edge and grit that rivals any top 6 in the league. Although only averaging 2 PIM a game the kid knows how to get under the skin of the other team and then capitalize on that. Something the Oilers were missing until Kassian. I hate comparing the two as Tkachuk does the same thing with a little more class and a lot more skill.

Don't get me wrong, there is room for two agitators on one team and I like what Kass brings to the Oilers as a bottom 6 player. A huge improvement on Gadzig but I am biased. I think a teams grit should come in the form of checking and physical play, rather than fighting. Add that to the fact that Luc only fights the other teams fighters and you pretty much lost any use for him. If a guy is going into the box for 5 minutes it should be to take with him one of the many players that keep taking liberties with our young players. I would love to see a day where McDavid and Hall were treated like other Oilers stars in the 80s and 90s. Much the same way goalies are still treated. If someone takes a run at them they know that someone larger is going send them home regretting that. I have respect for that type of team "play."

I would throw Leon in on that list but I am pretty sure the large German can handle things his own way. Not that Hall or McDavid are small, it is just they seem to break.

I am not against Canadian/Swedish national, Alexander Nylander who also is on the "small" side. Its just that Matthew Tkachuk has an edge.

Many commentators like to think the Oilers will address their need on Defense with this years draft and maybe they will in the second round. Still there is no real consensus on a top blue liner and for good reason. None stands out above the others. There is no doubt that some team is going to win big with one of them but which one?

Plus to pick positional rather than best available you need to have a plan for the kid in that position and I don't think anyone can say where the Oilers defense will be in two years (earliest a defender will try for the team) or four years (actual time the defender will get looked at for the team). Maybe Nurse, Rienhart, Davidson, Klefbom and Sekeras all work out and in some order make 5 of the Oiler's top 6 long term. However that would mean that they Oilers don't bring in the needed talent now as they wait for this young player for roughly half a decade if he goes with league averages on rookie D starts.

I like to think the Oilers will try to land a top 2 player this offseason. I also know they will most likely not succeed but sign someone to a long and silly NMC contract. Then the same next summer.

The point is that planning on having a defender down the road works when you are choosing between Nurse and Ristonlen like they were. In the end it was a safe bet they were getting a top 4 defender. This year there is no certainty of even that. To pass on whatever is left from the top 10 ranked forwards would be tough to do. Especially since the Oilers need to address their need on wing anyways.

Maybe Pouliot can do it, maybe one of their late picks last year comes out of no where, maybe Kassian pulls his head out of his ass... A lot of maybes especially when you are trading away Nail who has always held that hope for many fans of being a permanent fixture on the top 6. We have all seen his skill.

I am guessing the Oilers will take calls regarding the pick. Maybe even shop it but it would take a lot to pry a top 10 pick from any team these days. Even though the Oilers have a glaring need. I can see it happen but I don't know what it would take. If Okposso agreed to sign and they added Hamonic? Maybe. Depends on how you feel about a top 5 pick. I am thinking after the Oilers traded so much for Griffin and Talbot last year, that they are more likely to hold on to this pick.

Sounds like sucking isn't going to pay off as well in the draft down the road and Oilers might want one more young star before that well gets dry.
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May 4, 2016 2:09 PM ET | Delete
Are you suggesting that the islanders would trade Okposo AND Hamonic for the 4th overall? If so you might be seriously over valuing said pick, or undervaluing the two players involved.
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