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So here we are again, us the true hockey junkies, resorting to watching the NHL network and maybe even popping in some old game videos on VHS tapes, just to get our “fix”. Which, as always, makes for some long summer months ahead. Many of you know the feeling, as the final seconds ticked away during tonight’s game 7, the thought of no more hockey for months just became as depressing as watching Sidney Crosby hoisting that precious piece of hockey history, over his smug head.
Yes, I will admit I am a true Flyers fan that bleeds orange and black even during these long summer months ahead. But, in speaking with numerous inside sources from several NHL franchises, I am not alone when I say that Crosby gets preferential treatment from the league. Many have joked that the trainer may have to carry a cell phone in his pocket with Colin Campbell as #1 on his speed dial. So that when “Sid the Kid” feels he is being treated unfairly he can immediately contact Mr. Campbell to voice his outrage. Obviously, we all know that is not true, because he waits until the game is over to make the call.
Many of the true hockey faithful feel that in the past 2 years (at the very least) there have been 2 NHL rulebooks that officials must abide by. One is the public version of these rules that we all know, the other well that is not circulated among the public, but it is basically the Crosby / Malkin rulebook. In case some of you haven’t been paying attention more often then not, a call will be made on the opposing team, however if the Penguins “stars” commit the same infraction they are very rarely sent the penalty box for 2 minutes to feel shame. (I am sure anyone reading this will understand that quote.)
I will be the first to admit that Detroit did not have the drive tonight and it cost them the Cup. They were off of their game, making terrible passes and were consistently being beat to the puck by the Pens. They didn’t have the jump we always expect from the Wings, thus no Cup this year. Being such a devoted Flyers fan, I still have a bitter taste in my mouth for the Wings dating back to the 97 Finals against my beloved Flyers. I would like to see the Flyers win a Cup in my lifetime. So it hurt to have to actually pull for the team that under any other circumstance I would never in a million years want them to win yet ANOTHER Cup, but against the Pens I had to do it. And most importantly, I personally wanted to see Crosby crushed by another loss in the Finals. I understand he is a good player, but people have been treating him as the 2nd coming of Christ sent to us by the hockey Gods to save the NHL since he was 16. The NHL wants his face and name on everything. Now they have their wish, he will be in countless commercials, and his name will be forever engraved in the ultimate trophy in all of sports.
I will get into more detail about this seemingly, double standard in the NHL rules in my next blog. So I will sit back and let the comments and attacks by the Penguin faithful begin. But something tells me anyone other then a Pens fan will agree with what I have to say.
Thank you for reading my blog. More to come soon!! “Good night and Good Hockey.”
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