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School yard Diss By

Posted June 18, 2009
So the “Next One”, “Sid the Kid”, “Cindy Crysby”, whatever you want to call him made one of the major NHL foopahs as he did not shake hands with BARELY ANY of the Detroit Red Wings after the Pens won the CUP. As Henrik Zetterberg said it best it was downright “disrespectful.” I can understand being caught up in the moment of winning the Stanley Cup. However, he is the Captain,... Read More »
So here we are again, us the true hockey junkies, resorting to watching the NHL network and maybe even popping in some old game videos on VHS tapes, just to get our “fix”. Which, as always, makes for some long summer months ahead. Many of you know the feeling, as the final seconds ticked away during tonight’s game 7, the thought of no more hockey for months just became as depressing as watch... Read More »


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