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School yard Diss By

Posted 12:16 AM ET | Comments 46
So the “Next One”, “Sid the Kid”, “Cindy Crysby”, whatever you want to call him made one of the major NHL foopahs as he did not shake hands with BARELY ANY of the Detroit Red Wings after the Pens won the CUP. As Henrik Zetterberg said it best it was downright “disrespectful.”
I can understand being caught up in the moment of winning the Stanley Cup. However, he is the Captain, it his job to lead his team into the handshake. The hockey playoffs have tradition that has gone of for years. And of course Crosby was aware of this. But did his ego get in the way?
How can you not participate in the timeless tradition of the handshake at the end of any playoff series?? As Zetterberg said, DISPECTFUL!!! He has been in this league, any many others, that have a ceremonial handshake. I was even recently at a police vs. firefighters game and even they shook hands.
Crosby had no excuse not to be present for the ceremonial handshake. He needs someone to sit him down and tell him he is not sent by the hockey Gods to be the next Gretzky or Lemieux. At least not until someone works on that ego issue.
And can we drop the “sid the kid” routine??? He is not a kid anymore and he is not the "Next One". Maybe someday, but with his ego as big as a house now, its not happening anytime soon until someone cleans his clock.
He is disrespectful, he need Bylsma to teach him how to reign in his attitude and very soon.


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June 18, 2009 9:19 AM ET | Delete
Um, actually, he did shake hands with a lot of the Wings. He did not shake hands with Lidstrom, and that's what Hank is complaining about. So, before going off on Crosby, or any other player or team for that matter, please try and get your facts straight. You say that he did not shake hands with any Red Wing player, which is simply incorrect. Meaning that you are either ignorant of what actually happened, or are simply a liar trying to take a shot at a player on a team that you do not like.
June 18, 2009 9:26 AM ET | Delete
How you doing? 29 eh??
June 18, 2009 9:31 AM ET | Delete
Wings were ready to shake hands and get the heck out of Dodge whilest the Pens were in the middle of celebrating and Sid was being hounded by the TV peeps. Much ado about nothing. He participated in the hand shake line. Not having your facts lined up is what I calls "DISPECTFUL".........
June 18, 2009 9:37 AM ET | Delete
You do realize Jen that Lidstrom waited a total of 36 seconds though right?
June 18, 2009 10:28 AM ET | Delete
give it a rest fly girl. every other player on the wings got a chance to shake hands. Z was the one in a rush to take off. If anything, the PROCESS needs to be changed. So tired of the Flyers constant whining about Sid. Can't you find anything worthwhile to write about in your off season. Haven't you just bought a stellar character goalie.
June 18, 2009 10:33 AM ET | Delete
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June 18, 2009 10:40 AM ET | Delete
stormey: did you time him??
June 18, 2009 10:41 AM ET | Delete
It was disrespectful he is the CAPTAIN for some reason! The captain leads the handshake and heknows it
June 18, 2009 11:00 AM ET | Delete
No FlyersGirl I didn't time him. TSN did.
June 18, 2009 11:24 AM ET | Delete
ray emery is of the highest character possible, how dare you try to ruin his good name pengal
June 18, 2009 11:42 AM ET | Delete
It looked like he was grabbed for interviews pretty quickly and then by the time he was done and went to shake hands, a lot of guys were gone.
June 18, 2009 11:49 AM ET | Delete
Maybe you should go back and look at last years tapes and see how fast the Red Wings lined up for the ceremonial handshake. And they were also grabbed for interviews constantly, but they know the ceremonial handshake means more then an unterview that can wait 5 minutes.
June 18, 2009 12:14 PM ET | Delete
Any sisters?
June 18, 2009 12:15 PM ET | Delete
Stromey has a really cool stopwatch he has in his pocket.
June 18, 2009 12:16 PM ET | Delete
If you need to get laid I have a friend named Crims, He likes to shake hands when you meet him...
June 18, 2009 1:06 PM ET | Delete
Asa much as it pains me, this Flyers fan is going to jump in and defend Crosby. If anyone is to blame it is Bettman and NBC. All of the insanity should be held off the ice until the handshake line is complete. Let the winner celebrate and jump around, do the handshake, THEN the media and the interviews and the cup can be brought out after the losing team gets off the ice. There was no disrespect intended from Crosby, that I am SURE of.
June 18, 2009 1:08 PM ET | Delete
June 18, 2009 1:32 PM ET | Delete
June 18, 2009 1:39 PM ET | Delete
Are you related to Christina Ricci?
June 18, 2009 1:41 PM ET | Delete
PM me FG11, I have a question for you.
June 18, 2009 1:42 PM ET | Delete
This blog is quite the Epic Foopah.
June 18, 2009 1:44 PM ET | Delete
MHB ate my initial post...synopsis...he's a kid with a tonne of things on his shoulders, cut him some slack.Chill, take a ride with Emery in his Hum-V.
June 18, 2009 1:44 PM ET | Delete
He was disprespectful....OR he just won the cup!! Draper just had sour grapes in his mouth. The line up does NOT come first, first dog pile, then shake hands! If you get grabbed by nbc to do your CONTRACTUAL interview you do it!
June 18, 2009 1:46 PM ET | Delete
MBFlyerfan you are absolutely right .. it was the process of the event not any intended slight by anyone. typical narrow minded blog and maplebud comments pretty much sum it up .
June 18, 2009 1:51 PM ET | Delete
Cheater and nashville... That's pretty weak. Insulting is one thing but to insult and not post your picture to pick apart AND not even use a real name... makes me wonder what you are afraid of. This web site if for hockey discussion if you're looking for that there's some highschool chat room somewhere just dying to talk to you I'm sure.
June 18, 2009 1:54 PM ET | Delete
Your real name is saneopinion?
June 18, 2009 1:57 PM ET | Delete
Nope but I'm here for hockey talk... So is flyers girl and while I don't agree with her blog it stirred up debate. I look forward to seeing your next blog! Wait...you don't write any do you??
June 18, 2009 2:07 PM ET | Delete
n.kulemin = maplebud :)word
June 18, 2009 2:08 PM ET | Delete
MBFLyersfan: I totally agree Bettmen should hold off the reporters until after the handshake. But being that Crosby is the Captain he should have shaken hands with the WHOLE team FIRST!
June 18, 2009 2:15 PM ET | Delete
June 18, 2009 2:19 PM ET | Delete
Hossa backs Crosbyhttp://www.freep.com/article/20090618/SPORTS18/906180450/1048/SPORTS/Marian Hossa Crosby didn t mean to slight Lidstrom
June 18, 2009 2:22 PM ET | Delete
He meant to slight Datsyuk, news at 6.
June 18, 2009 2:34 PM ET | Delete
June 19, 2009 12:36 AM ET | Delete
fact: only pens fans defend crosby with unconditional love. the other 29 teams fanbases all hate him. malkin is great tho.
June 19, 2009 12:59 AM ET | Delete
"fact: only pens fans defend crosby with unconditional love. the other 29 teams fanbases all hate him. malkin is great tho." Wow...am I glad you aren't the supreme being in charge of what qualifies as a "fact"...
June 19, 2009 1:00 AM ET | Delete
June 19, 2009 1:01 AM ET | Delete
June 19, 2009 9:35 AM ET | Delete
I have to come to Crosby's defense here as much as it sickens me. He is a 21 year old that just reached the pinnacle of hockey. He celebrated with his team and did you think he possibly just wasn't thinking right with all the joy of winning a Cup. He made a mistake, give him a break. I can guarantee he will make a note of it and never make that mistake again. Let the Pens bask in their win. Next year is a new season, Go Flyers.
June 19, 2009 12:10 PM ET | Delete
June 19, 2009 1:52 PM ET | Delete
I have to agree with MBFlyerfan. I just think Crosby didn't have time to really think. they won, he celebrated with his team for a few seconds then was grabbed for interviews. As soon as he was done with the interviews, it looked as tho he went to shake hands but at that point, my of the Wings were gone. Just an overall misunderstanding but the wings and circumstance for Crosby in my opinion and believe me I don't like him.
June 19, 2009 3:14 PM ET | Delete
June 19, 2009 4:16 PM ET | Delete
The other thing nobody mentions is...with about an hour or so of the end of the game Crosby had at least one pain shot and some pain pills. Pain medication is notorious for numbing other things than just those that hurt. I have no proof of anything but...he could have been high as a kite at about that time. Just sayin'...
June 19, 2009 7:04 PM ET | Delete
June 19, 2009 7:25 PM ET | Delete
Did Zetterburg really say it was "DISPECTFUL" of Crosby? Don't get yer panties in a bunch
June 19, 2009 11:42 PM ET | Delete
Why are we still talking about this? Mistake made by a 21 year old who just won hockey's most coveted trophy. The Wings didn't make the Pens wait... but its a little ridiculous how much this has been blown out of proportion.
March 2, 2011 10:01 AM ET | Delete
Another girl trying to get her two sense in sports yet has no idea what shes talking about. Surprise Surprise.
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