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Sather should be hung, NY • United States • 13 Years Old • Male

If YOU were Glen Sather

Posted 5:04 PM ET | Comments 1
Now I'm going to ask you guys, due to the harsh questions on my last blog. Okay, first you have to understand that I am NOT Glen Sather, a GM, or a hockey analyst. I am only a 12 year old kid, so no harsh comments on ANY blogs. Secondly, I have to ask you guys. Now the question is.... What would you do with the free agency for the Rangers?

Please post your comments below.
July 2, 2009 9:33 PM ET | Delete
We'll always get harsh comments because we are Rangers fans. There are too many Flyers fans and Penguin fans and Islander fans that hate our guts. That's ok, that kind of passion makes the world go around. No worries, I got your back.
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