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Wow. What a game. The usual hype of a Saturday night tilt between the Habs and the Leafs played out, in all its spendor last night. While Montreal should probably have won this game in regulation, going to a shoot out made the end all that much more exciting for the 21,000+ fans in attendance - of which I was one!

A few things I noticed/enjoyed about the game:
1 - Loved the hate that was heaped upon Komisarek. Although it was predictable, it was still enjoyable to watch Habs nation vent their anger towards Komi for his betrayal.
2 - Loved that Komisarek was -3 for the night and is -9 for the season. He is among the worst in that group. I wonder whether this is an adjustment period for him or whether not having Markov as his D partner is exposing his weakness in his own zone.
3 - Metro and Moen continue to contribute and what a pleasant surprise it is!
4 - Habs are getting some secondary scoring. Since, with the exception of Plekanec, the second line is basically not scoring, it is nice to see the Moen's, Metropolit's, and Latendresse's of the world scoring and help get the wins.
5 - Overall, Montreal is NOT a very good team. There is just no depth on this team and the 'secondary' cast is largely underachieving or invisible. Sure, MaxPac will be good in a few years, and so will D'Agostini, but right now they should probably BOTH be back in Hamilton - at Least MaxPac should be.
6 - Hal Gil and Marc-Andre Bergeron are defensive liabilities. Both players are turnover machines and often cause scoring chances and goals against with their glaring mistakes.
7 - Plekanec is a man possessed. Since the beginning of the season, Tomas Plekanec has got to be the hardest working most consistent player on this team. He is playing tough, aggressive and is reaping the benefits. Let's hope that Gainey has learned his lesson from last season and signs Plek to an extension DURING the season!

While Montreal can be fun to watch, at least at home where they have the last line change and can put the top line out against whoever they please, they are not a team that will win a ton of games on the road. Granted, they are missing Markov and O'Byrne - both of which cannot come back soon enough - but even with them, this team does not have enough meat to be much of a threat in the playoffs. Until Gainey does something to address the lack of depth on this team, they will continue to be a number 6, 7, or 8th place team at best.

So what about you? Did you watch the game? What did you like the most about it? What did you dislike the most about it?


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November 1, 2009 11:55 AM ET | Delete
Adjustment period. The guy is trying to do too much out there and frankly, he isn't the kind of guy that can. He handles the puck like its a grenade out there and his skating isn't strong enough for him to run around his own zone. When he starts feeling completely at home, I'm thinking we'll see the old Komisarek.
November 1, 2009 12:00 PM ET | Delete
Also overlooked on a -3 night is the fact that he had 6 hits and 8 blocked shots... not bad numbers aside from the minus.
November 1, 2009 2:43 PM ET | Delete
Komo needs to gel with his partner and slow his game down and as a-mar say do not do to much do what he is good at hitting and shot blocks and pass the puck to his d-partner kabbie or beauch whom are good passers to get the puck out.
November 1, 2009 10:18 PM ET | Delete
I wondered when Komi signed on it TO if he was going to become the next Bryan McCabe. I think the possibility is there. If the team is winning...he looks great. When the team is losing...he looks awful. I think he'll settle in but he won't be going back to any all-star games anytime soon!
November 1, 2009 11:07 PM ET | Delete
Only way he was going was poor voter judgment in a certain region...
November 2, 2009 9:56 AM ET | Delete
I also think there is more depth then it appears. There are a number of players on the Bulldogs that would be worthy of a call-up. Maxwell, Carle and Weber come to mind. I think sometimes we forget too that most of our 'youth' is up with the big team already.
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