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According to RDS, Markov skated yesterday and for about 10 minutes today and is ahead of schedule, from a healing perspective. If things keep going on the right track he could actually come back around late December which would put him about 4-8 weeks ahead of schedule. He will be interviewed by the press today. Here is the rds link (French only):


UPDATE - Hearing Markov's interview he seems to be saying more early Jan than late December. Either way he seems to be ahead of schedule.

In other news, the Habs sent David Desharnais back down to Hamilton. A 6hour limo ride from Hamilton to Pittsburgh for 7:55 of ice time and he gets sent back down the next day. Poor guy.


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November 26, 2009 2:15 PM ET | Delete
I just hope they don't want to rush him in because of all the injuries. That would be stupid if he would go down once again.But yeah, great news for the Habs, team russia... and fantasy owners!
November 26, 2009 3:54 PM ET | Delete
Couldn't agree more. Let him heal, fully, before he comes back. As great as it would be for him to come back early it would be horrible for him to get reinjured again, if he does!
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