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Who is the best(most effective) agitator in the league?

RDS was talking about the league's agitators on a broadcast recently, and that made me think about who YOU think is the best - meaning most effective - agitator in the league.

Vote, in the poll on the right side of the screen at Habs To The Top, to let us know who you think should be named champion! You love them, you hate them, you LOVE to HATE them. So here are your candidates: Sean Avery, Maxim Lapierre and Jarkko Ruutu. VOTE (on Habs To The Top) and start a discussing, as well!

Go to:

Vote NOW. Polls close after the game tomorrow night.


Ok, so the poll is closed, you have voted and here are the results. POLL CLOSED. Who is the best agitator in the league? Avery 43%, Lapierre 21%, Ruutu 18%, Other 28%. The one thing I gathered, after putting this poll up, is that I should have put more choices up there. I heard suggestions of Kaleta, Ott and even Burrows. Next time.

Thanks for voting and for your comments. Check back to Habs To The Top for more polls and Habs news.

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There is no one "most effective" agitator in the league. Different players excel at agitation in different ways, depending on their own personalities and playing styles. It is great to visit Aussiessay source for help in essay on time. Some are more physical, some are more vocal, and some use psychological games to get under the other team's skin.
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