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So been bored and decided to browse what some of the recently built arena's cost to be built and what they would cost to build now. As we all know the arena referendum would've given the isles $350 million to build a new arena. And that raises a question. Why that much cash for a arena? Now I was all for the referendum as any die hard would've been, but looking back did we seriously need that much to build a new arena? And from what I have found, no we didn't need that much.
Some of the new arena's built such as the sprint center in kc cost $276 million back in 2005 when ground was broken. If it would be built in 2011 it would cost $292 million. A $16 million increase from just over 6 1/2 years ago. That arena seats 17,544 for ice hockey. The new coliseum would seat 17,500. So doesn't make sense that a new coliseum that would seat 44 less people cost $350 million or more.
Consol Energy Center, cost $321 million back in 2008, today would cost $328 million. Seats 18,387, much bigger arena. Took exactly 2 years to be built. Ground broke August 14, 2008, and opened August 18, 2010. The cost of steel and insurance price increases also made Consol Energy Center cost more since it was originally priced at $290 million.
Xcel Energy Center cost $133 million in 1998 when it broke ground. Opened 16 months later on September 29, 2000. Today it would cost $166 million. Nationwide Arena cost $175 million when it broke ground in 1998. Seats 18,144 for ice hockey. It would cost $223 million in 2011.
Prudential Center is a head scratcher. Being that it cost $375 million in 2005 when it broke ground and would cost $397 in 2011. It however is used not just for hockey but basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and various concerts. So in the end not all arenas cost close to half a billion.
And I also am reminded how wang and bettman said it can take up to 3 years to build a new arena. When the facts that I pointed out about these arena's above that it takes between 16-24 months to build an arena. NOT 36. It can take a year and a half or 2 years. No more, no less. But it still doesn't change the fact that ground on a new arena for the isles must be broken at some point in 2012.
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