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Las Vegas , NV • United States • 29 Years Old • Male
This is the 1st time I have ever written a blog on this site so bare with me. Being an Islanders fan since I was 4 years old (that being 18 years) I have seen some crazy and stupid things when in regards to what has happened to this once great and feared franchise. Like many of us, we have been increasingly frustrated with what the previous powers that be in the front office of the new york islanders have done, but like any loyal fans we have stuck behind our team at the cost of being ridiculed by just about any fan of hockey. Whether it was the moronic trades that mike "I only destroy franchise's" milbury, or the man (he who should never be mentioned) who ended up going to jail because of fraud on account of trying to buy and sell the Islanders when he didn't even have enough money to buy a plate of hot wings and pint of beer. And after all this we stay loyal. We are once again at almost the same point we were a decade ago when the Islanders were almost moved off Long Island by a group of owners who were only to make a quick buck off this team. However things are somewhat different, Mr. Wang has done what he could to insure the Islanders long term stability on Long Island remains intact by The Lighthouse Project which many of us have supported and made our voices heard through emails, protests and just about everything we could have done to let the corrupt politicians of Long Island hear our voices. I lived on Long Island for the 1st 21 years of my life up until last november when I relocated to Las Vegas for a better life. Indeed Las Vegas is in search of it's 1st professional sports team, but I am not here to say pack the Islanders up and move to Las Vegas no no no. The economy out here is just as bad as anywhere else in the country right now with unemployment showing no signs of going down. This is not the Phoenix Coyotes we are talking about here. We are talking about the New York Islanders, a team with 4 stanley cups, and quite a number of conference and division championships on their historic resume. As well as several hall of famer's. Yet with such support from current and former Long Islanders like myself who have shown their support for this revolutionary project, the powers that be in the Town Of Hempstead drag their feet and show the maturity level of a 12 year old (I'm looking at you Joseph Mondello and your "Blow it out your dufflebag" tirade). Long Island is in need of something that will bring it into the new century. While the rest of the country has continued to grow, Long Island has basically been forced to be stuck in 1975 by corrupt and idiotic politicians, and people with a "Not In My Backyard" mentality and the perfect example of that being the people of Garden City the so called "Crown Jewel Of Long Island". From the time I went into grade school to the time I packed my bags for Las Vegas, I realized Long Island barely changed what so ever. Which was one of many reason why I chose to leave. And now the Islanders could be looking to pack their bags once the lease expires in 2015 if not sooner due to an apparent out clause with the new lease that states if the new lease is not approved within 120 days the Islanders are some how able to opt out of the current one when ever they decide to. Yet with all this, kate murray and her cronies in the Town Of Hempstead continue to play this silly but dangerous game of chicken. If anyone should be afraid of the Islanders leaving its murray. Because to basically let the only professional team Long Island ever had to leave will not only make Long Island's economy and image suffer, but what is left of her political career will be completely destroyed. If anything she will end up being run out of office and off Long Island...LITERALLY. So what we have all feared has become a political game of chicken. And it's your game to lose kate. The clock is ticking. Tick Tock..Tick Tock.
March 8, 2022 2:24 AM ET | Delete
The economy out here is just as bad as anywhere else in the country right now with unemployment showing no signs of going down. concrete driveways
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