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It took roughly 5 days for Islanders general manager (buffoon is more like it) garth snow to fail the team and his franchise center in John Tavares. Wednesday June 29th was ruled by a number of trades. Yet none stuck out more for the frustrated Islanders fan base than the trade of now former Edmonton Oilers winger Taylor Hall. The 1st overall pick in the 2010 entry draft was traded early wednesday afternoon to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for defenseman Adam Larsson. That's it! No pick or any other pieces involved. Just a straight up 1 for 1 swap.

The Devils practically stole Hall from the Oilers in the eyes of many. From fans, bloggers, and hockey insiders. Message boards, twitter and social media as a whole was buzzing. Of course not as much as the shocking trade the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators made with swapping franchise defensemen PK Subban and Shea Weber. But none the less was still a surprise in it's own right.

After the trade of Hall became official, Isles twitter exploded in an absolute backlash that could be described as depressing, and utterly violent. Islanders newsday reporter Arthur Staple tweeted out the Isles were talking to Edmonton about acquiring Taylor Hall. However he stated "As for Hall, Isles didn't offer what EDM wanted, which was Hamonic. Plain and simple." That's a direct quote from his twitter. Garth Snow could've acquired the top flight winger Tavares has been needing since day 1 when he became an Islander. But he balked at the opportunity. What made matters worse is when Harmonic requested a trade late last summer the oilers came calling and offered up Taylor Hall. They even did so at the trade deadline in March.

But what made an already furious Isles fanbase to snap happened less than an hour later. News broke that the biggest prize on the free agent market Steven Stamkos was staying in Tampa Bay. He signed an 8 year deal worth $8.5 million per year to chase Stanley Cup's with an already deeply talented Lightning team. Snow and the Isles strikeout looking on 2 impact players in under 60 minutes. All this after reports surfaced the Isles were going to offer Stamkos a "massive" deal on friday when free agency begins.

I along with many of an already frustrated and pissed off fanbase are left asking one simple question. Why? Why can't we make impact moves to make this team better when we have a significant amount of assets? And it's simple answer to this simple question. Our general manager has no balls! Garth Snow is scared to make a splash. I feel like he is truly unaware that his job is on the line now that his buddy Charles "The Emperor" Wang is no longer the majority owner of this team. Ledecky and Malkin own majority share with Wang only having 15%. They don't and shouldn't care that when Wang sold the team old chucky wanted his buddy Snow to see the entire rebuild through. He won't!

Garth Snow has had 10 years to make this team into a contender. 7 of those 10 years he's had John Tavares as the centerpiece and he's failed him more times then none in bringing in immediate help. The fact that there were some Isles fans, who in my opinion lack common sense and need to lay off the Islander kool-aid they've been sipping for so many years stood by and defended Garth Snow and the job he's been doing the past decade disgusts me. The fact they are ok with mediocrity shows what kind of people they are. Nobody should be defending Garth Snow or the Islanders organization for their continued failure to go after the big fish.

It is so frustrating to see this all transpire. I expect Garth Snow will make the usual excuses. He'll go and sign washed up guys for cheap like Thomas Vanek, and another bottom of the barrel free agent before calling it a summer and that everything is fine. Yet reality shows it is not fine at all. The arrogance of this clown is staggering. And if the new owners are not reading him the riot act and demanding action, than they are just as big a clowns as this 3 ring circus of a once great franchise is.

With current Assistant GM George McPhee in the front office, I'd put him in the big boy chair because at least he knows how to build a team properly. The majority of the current Washington Capitals team has his name all over it with the likes of Ovechkin, Backstrom, Holtby, Kuznetsov, Carlson, and Alzner to name a few that he drafted. Biggest impact player Snow has drafted was Tavares in 2009, but that was a gimme. Snow has surrounded Tavares with mostly 3rd line players and over payed bums like Kulemin, Grabovski and Bailey. Those 3 make a combined $13 million per year. Just let that sink in.

Since the Islanders offseason ended before it even began I can only hope that Garth Snow is now one step closer to finally being fired. He has had 10 years to build a contender and he has failed. His biggest failure to date though may come 2 years from now. And that will be when John Tavares becomes a unrestricted free agent. This was the summer to show Tavares that the Islanders were serious about being a team that can hang with the likes of Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. It was the summer to address the biggest glaring need. The need to give John Tavares the legit top flight winger he deserved. Garth Snow failed him, as he always has time and time again.

So when John Tavares leaves to go play for a team that actually wants to win a Stanley Cup, I won't be mad at him. John Tavares has given the Islanders everything and then some since he arrived here in 2009. And he should be praised for it. The man has been pure class and a true professional. But Garth Snow is the one who you should direct your rage and hatred towards. He's said in response to his critics at the 2014 entry draft "They s*** on me too". Well Garth, you deserve to be s*** on. Especially now more then ever by the critics and fans alike who have wanted you gone for years. You were a mediocre backup goalie your entire playing career. And became a mediocre general manager who is hopefully in his final hour.
July 4, 2016 5:11 PM ET | Delete
you deserve to see Tavares go. you truly do.you are one of many fairweather fans who dont care who they trade they just want to win NOWGUESS WHAT it takes two to tango our defense minus Hamonic isnt good enough to win anything and with the bad contracts of graboski and kulemin and soon to be boychuck means that we couldnt keep everyone....When we signed Grabo and kulemin we knew they would hurt us eventually, but to become a relevant playoff team we accepted it....you are an idiot, let that sink in an idiotGarth isnt an idiot YOU ARE.All you fairweather Islander fans should get lost. you dont have the sense of a tree stumpwould you rather have stayed like edmonton? if the asnswer is no then you accept that kulemin Grabo Leddy and Boychuck deals are going to limit you in the futureGarth shouldnt be in his final hour....YOU SHOULD BE, because your an imbecile
July 4, 2016 5:13 PM ET | Delete
people like you should go follow the rangers because youre stupid
July 14, 2016 3:59 PM ET | Delete
Two problems with Islanders.....Wang and Snow. One problem has been solved.
July 16, 2016 4:15 PM ET | Delete
Who signed Kulemin and grabovski to those contracts? How does not liking Snow make someone a fair weather fan?
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