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Kessel and the Leafs

Posted 3:27 AM ET | Comments 0
I am worried that GM Brian Burke is going to place an offer sheet on Phil Kessel. My issue is that as well as kessel played last season I believe that much of that has to do with the fact that he was playing with Mark Savard one of the leagues top setup men. We all know what happened to Blake after he stopped playing with Yashin.

Kessel also has a bad injury. Shoulder injuries have a tendency to reoccur as well. Im not going to go into his history with Cancer because I don't believe that is as big deal as some are presenting. My worry is that we do not know enough about the player yet. He has had 2 full seasons. His second year he missed allot of time because of the cancer.

I just think that the leafs will be able to pick up a guy next season as a UFA and not have to give up anything.

There is a chance that Kovalchuck may be a UFA next year I'd much rather have him then Kessel. I also think that they need a top line center not a winger. I know kessel has played the Center position but he is a winger at the nhl level. Dubinsky would be more what the team needs.

I also think that Dubinsky would come cheaper then Kessle. If the leafs want to send offer sheets I think they should wait until next season when both Toews and Kane become an RFA.
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