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First thing I would like to do is clear the air about why the Jets left Winnipeg.

I have noticed that a lot of hockey fans on this site have misinformation on why the team actually left town.

In a nutshell this is why the team left town and no it wasn't poor attendance.

The owner of the Jets at the time Barry Shankro was leasing the old Winnipeg arena and housing the Jets out of it.

The agreement gave almost all consession money and Parking to Winnipeg Enterprises who owned the arena.

The Jets lived almost soley off of ticket revenue.

In the end the team needed a new arena to make money.
Bettman seen this as a way to relocate the team. Shankro did not want anything to to with the team anymore because he was set on retirement.

Garry gave the City 1 year to finalize a agreement on a new arena.

Knowing that with Governmenets involved this could never happen in that time frame the jets were then sold to the highest bidder.

Garry got his way getting another team down south. Shankrow got his money and the fans here in winnipeg got screwed.

Shortly after we got our new arena.

True North is owned by majority share holder Dave Thomson. He happens to be the richest man in Canada.

His CEO of the comapany is a man name Mark Chipman who has a small ownership in the company as well as being good friends with Dave Thomson.

MTS Center is the 2nd largest revenue building in Canada and 9th in North America.

Since this venue is owned and operated by true north its is a cash flow positive buisness meaning the money that goes into the company is 100% theres and they have no lease agreement.
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