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Leafs so Far

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So far the Maple leafs have not looked like the same team that had the impressive run in the pre-season so far. And ther is a simple reason.....

Folks it's because this is not the same team not even close.

By removing the line of Stahlberg-Bozak-Hanson line Ron Wilson simply has a watered down version of what he had last year.

What frustrates me most right now is Burke and Wilson promised to play the players who made the team in Training camp by how they played. Wilson made him self a hypocrite today by admitting what we all new which was that some of the players did not deserve to make the team and were base on prior play and accomplishments.

Nothing bothers me more then watching a Guy like Mayers, Tlusty, Kulemin taking up roster spots and having guys like Bozak Hanson and even Kadri not on the team.

I feel that Kadri played well enough to make the team but I also acknowledge that maybe one more year in the Juniors wont be a bad thing as well.

By removing those three players this team is not even close to what it was in the pre-season. What we have here is the same old maple leafs from past seasons.

What the College line did was bring energy to the games that lacked from any other line on the team. It seemed to wake the veterans up and enable them to play with a little more energy in their game.

Wilson and Burke have to re-evaluate the team and bring back those kids from the Marlies.

If that means demoting or trading players to make roster spots then so be it.

This teams Pockets are deep no one will starve over at MLSE.
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October 7, 2009 8:40 PM ET | Delete
Agreed...just makes sense to install some energy on a team devoid of anything resembling effort thus far!
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