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Off the top of my head

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What a game last night

The Blue jackets are a really good team and the Oilers Squeeked one out lead by none other then Penner, Gagne and Hemsky. Thats right the new #1 line. Go figure. So seriously, did we really need to go after Heatly or Jagr or Hossa. Nope the answer was there all along just nobody planted the seeds, gave it water and sun, and got it to grow. "Yes that would be a did on MacT"

Highest Paid 4th Liner

Well KLowe, the last move you made as a GM was by far the worst you made and will be the only one that you'll really be remembered for for a long, long time. Never mind being the Oilers 1st ever draft pic or scoring the Oilers first ever goal. You're always gonna be remembered as the guy that signed Sean Horcoff to a 6 year, $33 million dollar contract which included him being paid $7 million the first year of the contract. Thats right folks $5.5 million a year cause he is above average in the face of dot. Thats also for a guy who is a team worst -4 and a shooting percentage of 5.9% in nine games.

So if he isn't on the first line who does he play with???? Well maybe he could play on the second line with O'Sullivan and Comrie? Oh that right tried that last nite and it was a disaster. Well maybe on the third line as a checking center???? Again -4 folks and do you really want to take that spot from Brule now that the kid is starting to show some stuff. Plus Brule and Cogs played well earlier this season so why not pair them together and Horcoff can be on the 4th with his buddy Moreau. Unfortunitly that might leave Stotini having to deal with the 2. Sigh.

Is Moreau Playing this Year???

Just joking. I know he's on the forth line and to be honest...he looks good there. I'm hoping he stays there and we can see what the kids can bring to the table.

Penner my Man

I was so happy when the deal for Thomas Vanek fell through and the Oilers signed Penner to an offer sheet. First of it pissed of Mr. Burke and second I really wanted to see he team bring this guy in. It's been a rough couple seasons but I don't think anyone would have performed well with the treatment he go MacT last year. Lowtide did a blog today about how MacT deserves some credit for the success of this team. I laughed at the time but then thought about it. and he's right. I bet Penner loves thinking about MacT pulling out his hair every time he scores a goal or plays like he did last night. After last night Penner was 4th in the league in points. Why'd the wait so long to get rid of him???

And Finally...

Hey Eklund. Hope you and family pull through.

And oilnutz.com need some blogger. Holla if your interested.
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